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Solutions Exchange by Deluxe

Deluxe launched the Solutions Exchange podcast to help businesses affected by the economic and health challenges of the pandemic. Host Cameron Potts explores solutions with businesses and Deluxe experts.


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 Ep. 25 - Christi Schreyer

Solutions Exchange Ep. 25 - Christi Schreyer

Host Cam Potts chats with Christi Schreyer - owner of Sweetlife Lane - about the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on her candy shop and the measures she’s taken to keep her customers safe.

Ep. 24 - Kim LeHere

Solutions Exchange Ep. 24 - Kim LeHere

Host Cam Potts chats with Kim Lehere - Marketing Strategy Lead at Deluxe and President of I Am Dog Rescue - a no-kill dog shelter in Cross Roads, TX.

 Ep. 23 - Douglas Collier

Solutions Exchange Ep. 23 - Douglas Collier

Cam chats with Douglas Collier, former Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer and President International, at La-Z-Boy about the economic impact of the COVID pandemic.

 Ep. 22 - Andrew Collier

Solutions Exchange Ep. 22 - Andrew Collier

Host Cam Potts speaks with Andrew Collier - GM of the Winnipeg Goldeyes - about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball.

 Ep. 21 - Jason Pawloski

Solutions Exchange Ep. 21 - Jason Pawloski

Deluxe product manager Jason Pawloski talks with host Cam Potts about how he works with small businesses to help them sell their products online when they were previously brick-and-mortar only -- a change many businesses need in our reduced-contact environment.

Ep. 20 - Bill Hanisch

Solutions Exchange Ep. 20 - Bill Hanisch

Host Cam Potts speaks with Bill Hanisch - Owner of Hanisch Bakery and Cofee Shop in Red Wing, Minnesota.

 Ep. 19 Brian Weavel

Solutions Exchange Ep. 19 Brian Weavel

Host Cam Potts interviews Brian Weavel, a former small business owner and promoter of small businesses in his hometown of Winnebago, IL and beyond. Hear his perspective on challenges facing communities as they work to support their small businesses.

 Ep. 18 Michael Hanz

Solutions Exchange Ep. 18 Michael Hanz

Host Cam Potts talks to Michael Hanz of Haus of Hanz in Brooklyn, New York, a city hit hard by quarantine. Michael talks about how he’s kept his customers engaged on line and in person, with carefully planned purchases for the stay-at-home life and by keeping his lights on for passersby.

 Ep. 17 Pete Godich

Solutions Exchange Ep. 17 Pete Godich

Host Cameron Potts talks with Pete Godich, Deluxe Senior Vice President of Fulfillment, about how we’ve responded to the challenges of COVID-19, in terms of changed business needs, customer orders and employee practices. The conversation covers the timeline from our successful Analyst Day in New York City to quarantine in a matter of days.

 Ep. 16 Tom Riccio

Solutions Exchange Ep. 16 Tom Riccio

Cam chats with Tom about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Promotional Products segment at Deluxe.

Ep. 15 Alison Angelaccio

Solutions Exchange Ep. 15 Alison Angelaccio

Cam chats with Alison about the importance of leveraging social media channels and digital marketing during the pandemic.

Ep. 14 Stephanie Gardner

Solutions Exchange Ep. 14 Stephanie Gardner

Stephanie and Cam discuss the efforts of Durant Main Street that they've enacted to help keep their small business community afloat.

Ep. 13 Chris Clausen

Solutions Exchange Ep. 13 Chris Clausen

Chris and Cam talk Payments - a segment that has been a rare silver lining during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ep. 12 Joe Cavanaugh

Solutions Exchange Ep. 12 Joe Cavanaugh

Cam chats with Joe Cavanaugh, Founder and CEO of Youth Frontiers, a non-profit with a mission to provide schools with experiences that inspire character, civility and community. The discussion revolves around how his organization – an organization that’s relied heavily on in-person events – has had to pivot in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ep. 11 Ashlee Allen

Solutions Exchange Ep. 11 Ashlee Allen

Cam chats with Ashlee Allen, Sr. Manager, Customer Experience – Deluxe Payroll. Topics include how her team has adapted to remote work, the impact of COVID-19 on retail businesses and ways she’s supported small businesses in her community.

Ep. 10 Ramon Ray

Solutions Exchange Ep. 10 Ramon Ray

Cam chats with Ramon Ray - Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Founder of Smart Hustle Media. Ramon and Cam discuss the necessary pivots that entrepreneurs will have to make as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ep. 9 Jessica Rowan

Solutions Exchange Ep. 9 Jessica Rowan

Cam chats with Jessica Rowan, Executive Director – Brand Experience, at Deluxe. Jessica speaks about the necessary pivots Deluxe has made in the events space, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and announces the launch of DX Live - a virtual experience meant to equip small businesses with tools and tips to help navigate through this difficult time.

Ep. 8 Jatin Setia

Solutions Exchange Ep. 8 Jatin Setia

Cam chats with Jatin Setia, Executive Director - Twin Cities Film Festival. Jatin describes how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the Twin Cities Film Festival and the pivots he’s made to adapt to the current landscape.

Ep. 7 Mayor Scott Long & Christine Flohr

Solutions Exchange Ep. 7 Mayor Scott Long & Christine Flohr

Cam chats with two prominent figures in the small business community of Wabash, IN – winner of Small Business Revolution, Season 1. Mayor Scott Long and Christine Flohr, Executive Director of Tourism for Wabash County, discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their community and what measures they’re taking to overcome it.

Ep 6 Meredith Schmidt

Solutions Exchange Ep. 6 Meredith Schmidt

Meredith Schmidt, EVP of Salesforce Essentials and SB Marketing, joins Cam to discuss a new grant opportunity for small businesses launching today! Listen to find out details on how and where to apply for the grant.

Ep 5 Matt Faulkner

Solutions Exchange Ep. 5 Mat Faulkner

Cam chats with Mat Faulkner, owner of Think Idea Studio, a marketing agency in Searcy, AR - winner of Small Business Revolution, Season 4. Mat talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected small businesses in Searcy and what his business and the rest of the local small business community has done in response.

Ep. 4 Amanda Brinkman

Solutions Exchange Ep. 4 Amanda Brinkman

Cam chats with Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand Officer at Deluxe and CO-Host of the Small Business Revolution reality TV show. Discussion topics range from bad movies watched during social distancing, to the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses and what businesses can do to get through these unprecedented times.

Ep 3 Ty Pennington

Solutions Exchange Ep. 3: Ty Pennington

Cam chats with Ty Pennington, Renovation Icon and Co-Host of the Small Business Revolution, about the impact of COVID19.

Ep. 2 Julie Gordon

Solutions Exchange Ep. 2 Julie Gordon

Julie Gordon, Deluxe's Director of Marketing Partnerships, joins Cam to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Deluxe's clients and recount some solutions that Deluxe has provided to help navigate these uncertain times.

Ep. 1 Heather Teskey

Solutions Exchange Ep. 1 Heather Teskey

Cam Potts, VP of Corporate Communications at Deluxe speaks with Heather Teskey, Deluxe's VP of Marketing and Communication about the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses.