A note to our Deluxe partners about the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Tools to protect yourself, your business and your employees

After securing the health and well-being of yourself and your staff, nothing is more important than protecting your company and the jobs it provides. From simply keeping the lights on today to growing tomorrow, we’re here for you. You might bookmark this page as a reference.

During this crisis, we will be collecting and publishing information, and sharing resources and offering products here, at no or low cost to small businesses everywhere. 

Timely Advice

Solutions for Small Business

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Making Money

Depending on your current, local restrictions, we can help you quickly move from face-to-face sales to setting up contact-less or ecommerce sales with online payment capabilities to help salvage lost brick-and-mortar revenue.
Managing Money

Managing Money

Getting back on your feet starts with getting your finances in order. From payroll solutions to point-of-sale systems, we have customizable products and services to help any business find their financial footing. 

risk management

Risk Management

There’s no time like the present to start preparing for whatever tomorrow may bring.

We can help you convert from paper payment processes to digital, set you up with touchless point-of-sale systems and provide you with a number of cloud solutions so you’re ready to survive and thrive in the event of another crisis.

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Caring for Your Customers

As we face this crisis together, keep your customers informed through transparent communications. Describing the steps you’re taking to mitigate risk, or how you’re helping the community, and strengthen loyalty in these trying times.
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Helping your Employees

Whether you have the luxury of working remotely and keeping staff busy or are dealing with furloughs and layoffs, we’re here to help. This is as difficult a time for your employees as it is for you.


Keep your business moving forward