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Crisis Preparation

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Preparation is the key to survival

Should another crisis occur, will you be ready? If you’re forced to operate 100% remotely for an extended amount of time, can your business survive? It can, if you’re prepared. With digital payment options, online fax services, website design and more, Deluxe has the tools and the expertise to help you prepare for and manage any situation that may arise.

Answers to our most commonly asked questions

How can I be ready for the next crisis?

Not every business can operate remotely but if yours can, we can help. With digital payment options and cloud solutions like Online Fax and eSignature, conducting business from home has never been easier. For those who rely on a brick-and-mortar location, we offer touchless POS systems.

How do I switch from paper to digital payments?

Deluxe Payment Exchange gives you an option for sending payments digitally for instant delivery and no need to touch paper or use USPS services. We can also help you move from selling in-store to selling online or taking payments while on-the-go. Clover Go is our mobile point-of-sale device that allows you to accept payments while on-the-go.

How can I accept digital payments?

For more robust online sales help, we can help you utilize Merchant Services that provides you with the Clover hardware you need to accept payments on-the-go as you pivot from in-store to delivery sales, as well as Deluxe Payment Exchange which allows you to send digital payments to your vendors from anywhere.

Crisis Preparation

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