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Win Back Customers

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Out of sight, but top of mind

You can recover customers the hard way, in person and one by one, or the easier way, by using print marketing and the technological advantages we offer to target return customers and scale up relationship management. No matter your customer win-back strategy, we can help you execute on it. 

Answers to our most commonly asked questions

How will I manage demand in a safe/different way?

Here’s an example of what we could call a good problem. People are so excited to avail themselves of your services, that you can’t handle it all at once. With our website/eCommerce solutions, we can help you sort through the busy time online. Plus, we offer a digital appointment scheduler so you don’t have to do everything over the phone.

At times like these, you can’t communicate too much. We can provide ways to help you share things like new hours and new wellness guidelines with social media, email marketing and online marketing solutions. If customers know what to expect in advance, they will be less likely to need a timely explanation when they arrive.

Should I consider going digital (low physical contact, adding delivery, pickup, appointment only) to ensure a safe customer experience that they will find helpful?

By going digital you’re able to limit physical contact, which is great for keeping everybody safe and healthy. With our online marketing tools and Website Design you set up online delivery options or curbside pickup. If they must come in, we offer touchless POS systems to make sure there is limited contact.

We think you’ll find our eCommerce tools make shopping online easy. You can even use our email marketing solutions to prepare your customers for the new normal after the new normal. Luckily, there are digital and cloud solutions that can have make a positive physical impact on customers and staff.

Don’t forget your workers. They have different needs than customers, clients and patients, but you can give them a more touchless experience too. With payroll solutions and employee education and our HR Support Center your staff can access with new templates/tools while working from home. You can also save print costs when you share online handbooks & policies. Finally, our online payroll solutions with direct deposit mean it’s easy to pay your team without printing them a check that requires them coming in to the office to retrieve.

Winning Back Customers

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