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It’s not an exaggeration to suggest a massive number of businesses may not recover from this pandemic. Many businesses are coping by ramping up their digital receivables and payables and back office management, and that’s where Deluxe can help you. From paying expenses remotely to securing bridge financing and information on refinancing, we’re here with tools to give your business the best chances to survive today – and thrive tomorrow. During this difficult time, many Deluxe eCommerce tools are available at no or low cost to our small business partners. Still, you may have questions on how to make these changes quickly, and effectively.

Answers to our most commonly asked questions

How do I go from selling in-store to selling online?

To salvage lost walk-in sales, we can help you update your site to sell online with eCommerce Design, or quickly create an online presence with eCommerce Website, our self-serve ecommerce tool for customers who could be selling online but are not yet doing so. For those needing more customized web experience, our Website Design team can help.

How do I let customers know about my online store?

Even if your brick and mortar store is currently closed, you’ll want to clearly show you are open online, provide new contact information or instructions. Our COVID Response Signage includes large-format banners to alert customers to your online presence as they drive past your location, and branded Promotional items, like branded apparel and vehicle logo magnets to clearly identify delivery drivers – even your personal vehicles.

How do I move sales online?

Along with digital marketing tools, there are many day-to-day products necessary to keep your business going. Recognize customers for their loyalty and lift their spirits through small tokens of gratitude.  This can also help to increase awareness, stay relevant and promote your new online website.  

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