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Hiring & Rehiring Employees Background

Hiring & Rehiring

Make hiring more efficient

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Hiring in a whole new world

While hiring and staffing has always had its difficulties, today’s world calls for less contact and new ways to hire and onboard that don't require face to face interaction. It can all seem overwhelming. But Deluxe gives you ways to ease the load and speed up the hiring process. 

Answers to our most commonly asked questions

How can I create more touchless employee experiences?

These days it’s easier than ever to conduct 1-to-1 business without 1-to-1 contact. At Deluxe, we offer digital payroll and employee education solutions, while providing HR Support Center access that includes online handbooks and policies. No need to print or pass. Just read it all online. Our online payroll solutions include direct deposit, which cuts out the need to cut a check.

Can more nimble scheduling tools and practices help manage continuity in a time of change?

You built your business on standards and protocols. It became an ingrained part of your culture as the business grew. Now you’re being asked to review everything. Maybe a 9-to-5 schedule doesn’t work anymore? Maybe some employees need to work nights to account for childcare? We can help you explore ways to accommodate any situation with sophisticated scheduling tools that manage staff hours in the instances of employee sickness and rolling lockdowns. 

Should I conduct the hiring process remotely?

Even before COVID-19, hiring was becoming a more remote experience. Now, as we step all step up our technology enhancements to take the process further, please consider our Cloud services where you can find products such as eSignatures, Online Fax, Virtual Meeting/Conferencing, Digital Document Transfer. These are all ways to limit human interaction at a time when it’s a best practice. We can seamlessly and “touchlessly” take a new hire from the application process, to the interview, to onboarding.

And if you had to let people go during the down period, we offer great Gifts, and Promotional Items and Apparel to warmly welcome them back. You could even have them shipped to their home.

How can I precisely track payroll for PPP loan forgiveness, plus stay compliant with employees who get the WOTC tax credit?

The federal government might have helped you during a time of crisis. While you appreciate their support, it does come with a lot of red-tape and payroll compliance obligations. Our Payments and Payroll teams can provide detailed payroll administration, reporting, and compliance and risk management tracking solutions to help sort it all out. And if you hired people who qualify for the WTOC credit, our payroll processes will help keep track of their hours and compliance with that program.

Should I outsource HR for compliance consultation and tools?

Not only are there more comings and goings from a staffing perspective there is also a lot of paperwork to process, and a lot of compliance to adhere to. Your HR time might not be able to handle the volume. Our Payroll Solutions offer HR On-Demand services, plus “Ask the pro” guidance to help alleviate some of those stresses. You’re not in this alone.

Hiring & Rehiring

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Hiring & Rehiring

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