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Sustainability At Deluxe

Deluxe continues to drive sustainability improvements throughout all our locations. In 2010, we formed the Sustainability Council to integrate and accelerate our enterprise-wide sustainability efforts and this team meets on regular basis to drive improvements throughout Deluxe.

Our energy consumption is down

Energy use in our facilities (including plants, call centers, and offices) has declined 48% since 2007.

Our energy use is more efficient

We have installed more efficient lighting in many of our facilities. We also installed an energy saving white roof on our Kansas City Renner facility, which reflects nearly 90% of the sun's rays away from the building and allows the building to operate more efficiently in both hot and cold weather.

We are partnering with our suppliers

We have aligned with suppliers that promote sustainable business practices and we continually seek opportunities to eliminate wasted material, reduce cycle times and use more environmentally friendly materials.

Our materials are more sustainable

Over 90% of our check and form paper is now purchased from Forest Stewardship Council certified supplier mills. In addition, our vinyl checkbook covers are now produced using a minimum of 45% post-industrial recycled material.

Our transportation is more efficient

We have reduced the miles we transport products and converted from truck to rail where possible to reduce carbon emissions.

We are making decisions to reduce our carbon footprint

Deluxe continues to review every aspect of our business – from the materials we use in our products, to how we manage our facilities to the role we play in our communities – to ensure our growth stems from sustainable practices.

Deluxe will continue to drive improvements in reducing our energy consumption, reducing our solid waste, improving recycling efforts and partnering with our suppliers on their sustainability efforts.