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You just had your logo created and it looks pretty amazing. So amazing that now you want to  put it everywhere: your windows, business cards, stationery, website and, of course, the products you make.  But have you considered using branded promotional products? Handing out our selling items emblazoned with your logo is an excellent way to build brand awareness and introduce your company to new prospects. And when you put your logo on items people use every day, you ensure your company stays top of mind.

We spend a lot of time thinking about logos and fun places to put them. Here are some ideas to consider:


If a healthier lifestyle is one of your company’s cornerstones, support it by putting your logo on bicycles. Whether customers buy the bikes or you allow employees to use them for getting around, you and your logo will be pedaling toward better health and brand recognition. 

Beverage containers

Whether it’s wine, soda or another bottled drink, infusing your logo on the bottle itself can literally put your logo in the hands of thousands. Serve your bottled beverages at a conference you’re hosting, or use them at an employee event or wedding for a classy, professional touch.

Candy jars

Candy jars are a great way to say thanks and get your customers to take your logo home with them. Offer logo-friendly jars with different flavors inside, along with a sweet pun, and you’re sure to have something for everyone. 

Coffee cups

Your morning cup of joe could greet you with a logo. Search the web and you'll find professionals ready and willing to add your logo to a coffee cup. The coffee may disappear in minutes, but the logo will last for mornings to come.

Picture frames

A picture is worth a thousand words and a picture frame with your logo is worth a thousand brand impressions. Frames provide long-lasting marketing opportunities that make the most of your marketing efforts. 

Retail packaging

How you wrap your products matters. By using branded bags and boxes, you're taking "to-go" to a whole new level. Fashionable, useful packaging carries your brand much further than the store checkout line.

Smartphone case

What’s the one thing you’ll turn around for if you leave it behind? For many of us, the answer is our cellphone. We simply need our phones with us every day, so make your logo part of what they hate leaving behind. 

Water bottles

Bottled water remains incredibly popular, but environmentally savvy people are keeping plastic bottles out of the landfill by turning to their own reusable options. Support conservation by putting your logo on reusable water bottles. And make them durable so that your employees and customers will take them along wherever they go.

Bonus: Even  more  places for logos

The above are just eight ideas to help you use your logo in fun and creative ways. But with a great logo,  there’s no end to options for sharing it. That's why we decided to throw in these six bonus logo placement ideas.

USB drives

Tiny but powerful, these storage devices take care of business. Reserve space in your customer's memory with a useful, branded USB toggle.

Cornhole boards

Nothing says summer fun like the sounds of bean bags striking a cornhole board. Whether the boards foster goodwill among your staff or they help you make some new business partners, adding your logo is worth the investment.

Bumper stickers

Give your logo the chance to travel around town. Bumper stickers add pizzazz while providing something engaging for other drivers to look at during rush hour. Now that's what we call beating traffic!


It's hard for your company not to be top of mind with your logo resting on their heads. Great for employees, giveaways or reselling, hats do it all so you can focus on other areas of your business in style.


Be proactive by placing your logo on bookmarks, and you'll always be the first company that customers think of when they need something no matter whether they're perusing business guides or romance novels.

Welcome mats

Let people walk all over you. Welcome mats are the perfect way to greet people at your office, and they remind clients that you're there for all their needs. Having — and showing off — your logo is an exciting time in your business's life. Use these logo placement ideas to get your brand in front of your audience.

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