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Behind the Business

We’ve helped countless small businesses put the power of marketing to work for them – Robert Herjavec’s “Shark Tank” investments and businesses from CNBC’s “Cleveland Hustles” among them. We share their priceless lessons.

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Behind the Business with Deluxe and Robert Herjavec

Building a brand. Getting found online. Finding new customers. Small business owners face these marketing challenges, and more, every day. Yet many don’t have the time or tools to tackle them all. Deluxe takes you Behind the Business to tell the stories of small business owners who identified significant marketing pitfalls and worked with Deluxe to conquer them, so they could get back to doing what they love. Explore the challenges below to learn how we helped solve them.

Identify Your Target

Knowing what matters to your audience is crucial to a successful business. Your website, social messages, search-engine strategy and more must convey the right idea to the right target at the right time. See how Deluxe used social media insights to help small businesses identify and reach their target audiences.
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Build Your Brand

Think about everything customers know, or think they know, about your business. That’s your brand identity, and it plays a huge part in why a customer chooses you over the competition. See how the Deluxe team helped small businesses establish a consistent brand identity and voice to capitalize on new online marketing opportunities.
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Get Found Online

A tremendous amount of purchase research begins online. But, in order to tap into those potential customers, you need to break into top search-engine results and reach your audience where they’re spending time online. See how the Deluxe team helped small businesses get their websites in front of more customers online.
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Find New Customers

It has never been more challenging — or more important — to reach new customers. Not only does it maximize the visibility of your business, it creates growth opportunities that can only result from increased sales and revenue. See how the Deluxe team helped small businesses find new customers whose lifestyles and interests make them a good fit for the product.
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Build Relationships

Creating genuine relationships with your customers is crucial to retaining and growing your sales. Building relationships is dependent on ongoing dialogue, which technology has made easier today than ever before — through social media, email and more. See how the Deluxe team helped small businesses build relationships with current customers with a huge ROI.
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Meet Main Street Businesses

You’ve seen many of them on TV's "Shark Tank" and "Cleveland Hustles." Now go Behind the Business with Deluxe to see how we helped these entrepreneurs solve some of the same challenges you face every day. Dig in to learn more about their stories and see their case studies.
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