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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Fundraising tips and products for your virtual events

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October 1st  marks the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a whole new challenge for planning and fundraising events. Many organizations are having to adjust their typical campaigns and find new ways to engage donors in the new normal. But all isn’t lost. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation outlines some ways donors can get involved to virtually support and fundraise for breast cancer research.

1. Plan to get people moving

COVID-19 has left many planned races and fitness events on hold or cancelled until further notice. As a way to keep engagement up, encourage donors to set their own fundraising challenges to fund research. Choose a day to walk, run or ride a specific distance and ask participants to spread the word to their friends and family.  

2. Mark special milestones

Consider asking donors to create a donation drive based on a special holiday, birthday, wedding day or anniversary. Even though gathering opportunities are limited, family and friends still want to show their support. Raising funds for research can be a meaningful way to celebrate when loved ones are apart.

3. Pivot to an online event

Traditionally, most fundraising events are in-person. In the new normal, events have pivoted to virtual experiences on video platforms including Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Zoom. There are many opportunities to engage your audience. For example, host a panel of speakers or a live concert to perform online—all proceeds from tickets can be donations. 

4. Learn new hobbies and skills

Since people are spending more time at home, encourage donors to pick up old hobbies and or learn a new skill. Whether it’s knitting, woodworking, painting or sewing, this can be a perfect way to engage new donors and offer a unique gift in exchange for a donation during an online fundraiser.

5. Create branded giveaways

Whether planning an online fundraiser or virtual walk, branded gear is an easy way to create awareness for the cause. By purchasing promotional products for breast cancer awareness, your organization can customize gear and use personalized messaging that could have potential reach across the nation. This can be a good strategy to garner donations and act as fuel for your fundraising efforts.

breast cancer awareness products

Custom promotional products to spur giving

One of the easiest ways to encourage breast cancer awareness fundraising efforts is to offer pink-themed giveaways. Every year, people are used to seeing a plethora of breast cancer awareness regalia. Since people aren’t gathering this year, promotional gear can still be used as a tool for fundraising efforts and can work as a free incentive for giving—especially during online campaigns and virtual events. Here are some custom breast cancer awareness promotional giveaway ideas:

  • Promotional pens. This is a low-cost, high-impact item that offers daily use and high visibility–a great return on investment.
  • Custom bags. Bags are always a popular giveaway because of the low cost and large imprint area for custom designs or logos.
  • Wristbands and bracelets. An affordable, customizable option and can easily be sent in the mail with fundraising materials.

Another way to drive fundraising efforts is to offer higher-end promotional products for a small fee. Donors will feel proud knowing that they’re helping the cause while sporting an item that spreads awareness. Check out these products to your support campaigns:

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraising strategies may have shifted this year, but the sentiment and support doesn’t need to change. Whether creating an online campaign or hosting a virtual event, there are still plenty of opportunities to engage donors. To start planning your fundraising efforts, check out these promotional products and materials for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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