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When small business wins, we all win

Brian Hoffman owns a local landscape business, Hoffman’s Nursery, in Wabash, Indiana, the town featured in Deluxe’s Small Business Revolution – Main Street project. Located outside of the downtown area, his business wasn’t one of the six featured in the documentary series, but the impact on his employees was felt when he was tapped to finish a major landscape project in downtown.

Part of Deluxe’s $500,000 makeover of Wabash included aesthetic changes to the businesses and some areas of the downtown community. One of the projects on the town’s wish list was the clean-up of an empty lot in the downtown core. Christine Flohr, executive director of tourism for Visit Wabash County, floated the idea of funding the renovation early on with Deluxe.

What had been an eyesore for quite some time was transformed into a beautiful addition to the common area, providing seating outside of local restaurants and giving locals another place to congregate in Wabash. For Hoffman, being tasked with the project not only provided work for members of his crew, it helped him gain an understanding for why Deluxe has always called the Small Business Revolution a “movement.”

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Small Business Is a Revolution, and It’s Only Just Begun

It is easy to long for the glory days. Your high school accomplishments; the fun college days; the times when small towns were the epicenter of America.

As Kent Henderson, fourth generation owner of Schlemmer Brothers, says in the first episode of the Small Business Revolution – Main Street series, there was a time when downtown Wabash, Indiana, was rolling hard every night. With automotive industry jobs in town and a bustling Main Street, this was an idyllic place to raise a family.

Then that industry left. Factories closed. Jobs were lost. The population fell from 14,000 to 11,000. Store fronts were closed up because the small businesses that thrived when employment was good couldn’t sustain it anymore. But communities like Wabash didn’t give up, they found a way to continue to sustain themselves, even if the big industry jobs were not coming back.

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Banding together, small businesses can form a community that endures


For nearly two years, Deluxe’s Small Business Revolution campaign has brought us the stories of 100 small businesses across the country, and most recently to the small businesses of Wabash, Indiana, winner of the Small Business Revolution – Main Street contest. All of these stories have revealed many common themes, but one of the key revelations has been the power of community to small business.

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Vote to help one small town win a $500k Main Street revival!

Vote Now: Main Street Revival

Pride in America’s small towns has always existed at a very high level. We love the communities we are from and we cherish memories of the small businesses we grew up with: the corner pharmacy, the ice cream shop, the local grocery store. Yet over the last few years, nowhere have small businesses been more under siege than in our small town communities, where the whims of the economy can often hit hardest.

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Working Behind the Business with Robert Herjavec

Have you ever watched an episode of the popular ABC show “Shark Tank” and dreamed about getting an investment from one of the Sharks? Did you think that getting on the show and closing a deal would make all the difference?

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100 Hours to Make a Difference

Deluxe's 100 Hours to Make a Difference Volunteer Program

Deluxe’s 100 Hours to Make a Difference Volunteer Program

I have said this many times to many people, but I am humbled and proud to work for a company where charitable giving and volunteering are truly core to the culture. The importance of giving back to our local communities and nonprofit organizations that we are passionate about is encouraged and celebrated. Deluxe’s latest initiative honors this history and culture of volunteerism.

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Missed the W2 or 1099 Deadline or Need to File a Correction? eFile by Deluxe is Here for You!

eFile by Deluxe

As a small business owner with endless responsibilities the added pressure of multiple tax filings can be daunting. Although filing deadlines extend through the end of April (see ACA extensions below), the date for delivering W2s and 1099s to your recipients passed last week. Don’t worry! We can help.

eFile by Deluxe helps small businesses complete and file their business tax forms quickly and accurately. Our online tax solution offers many benefits, including:

  1. Elimination of paper forms and tax software. File quickly and easily through our online portal.
  2. A QuickBooks plug-in that allows you to easily and seamlessly submit your data from Quickbooks or Xero.
  3. Credit card checkout.
  4. Store recipient data from year to year to reuse as needed.
  5. Print PDF copies whenever you need them –we store filings for up to four years.
  6. File form corrections, regardless of where you e-filed the originals.
  7. Encryption of data and mailing of recipient copies from our SOC-2 certified facility

Even if you have already met the key deadlines, there are still more looming.  The IRS recently extended the due dates for 2015 reporting under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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Be #PrivacyAware on Data Privacy Day!

by Linnea Solem
Linnea Solem

Data Privacy Day_Image_1200x628

January 28th is international Data Privacy Day. With a theme of Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data, and Enabling Trust, each year hundreds of organizations come together to drive awareness and education on key data protection concepts targeted to help employees, individuals and businesses. Educational tools are made available through the website to help people and businesses stay safe online.

Data protection is not just a topic for big brands in corporate America, but is an important topic for businesses of all sizes. Consumers make buying decisions based on privacy and security – and in reaction to media events. External threats and fraudsters attempt to exploit small businesses, who may not have access to all the same resources as larger companies.

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Marketing that Matters: Small Business Revolution Lessons Learned from the Road

Marketing the Matters_Deluxe Blog Image_1200x628

After packing so much into one year, I still find it hard to believe 2015 is over. From launching the Small Business Revolution documentary series to celebrating Deluxe’s 100th year in business; from building a massive social following from scratch to conducting two national media campaigns with Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec, we truly accomplished a great deal in 365 days. I am exceptionally proud of our team.

Of course, those four milestones do not even do justice to all that was achieved and learned in 2015. This time last year, when the Small Business Revolution first kicked off online, we were thrilled with each new follower, with each news story about our love of small business. Personally, I was humbled and gratified that the public was resonating with our “big idea” – creating a movement to celebrate the importance of small businesses in this country.

We knew that celebrating our 100th anniversary at Deluxe was an opportunity to do something bigger than just celebrate ourselves. We wanted to do something purposeful…and meaningful to honor the kinds of businesses we love working with every day – the small businesses that make up the rich fabric of our communities. Turning the spotlight away from ourselves and onto the small businesses we support through mini-documentaries and photo essays gave us the chance to share authentic content that truly celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Now Is the Time to Bring the Small Business Revolution to Your Town!

I love the charm of a small town. I love the facades on the buildings downtown, the coffee shops and pharmacies; the local bars and ice cream shops. I usually try to find a boutique clothing store or an art dealer to unearth one-of-a-kind, locally crafted items.

Businesses on Main Street are usually clustered close together, and often, small business owners are compelled to open a new business where they feel activity will thrive. There is a real pulse, a pressure (in a good way) to vibrant small business communities. As our country continues to enjoy a resurgence in the number of small businesses operating today (more than 27 million), the quintessential “downtown” of years past has started to be revitalized.

It is that love of small business that led Deluxe to create the Small Business Revolution in 2015, a year in which we shared the stories of 100 unique and remarkable entrepreneurs and companies from across America. In 2016, the Revolution continues to build as we focus our attention toward Main Street in a small town or community somewhere in this great country.

The Small Business Revolution – Main Street will reward one lucky community with the chance to continue to build its resurgence or revitalize a once promising economic sector. The Small Business Revolution is seeking nominations from small towns and business communities for the chance to receive up to $500,000 in marketing services and redevelopment funding from Deluxe Corporation.

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