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Fresh start for 2017: 8 steps to spiffing up your email campaign

January 25, 2017

Are your email marketing campaigns hitting a stalemate? Maybe your open or click-through rates are dropping off, your content is lacking pizzazz or your subject lines are sounding more clichéd than clever.

You’re far from alone if your campaign needs a refresh from time to time. Not only are your marketing themes and techniques bound to evolve along with shifts within your business and industry, but continually doing things the same way lulls readers into complacency.

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From zero to success: Building an email list from scratch

by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu
January 20, 2017

Email is a critical piece of any small business’s marketing strategy, but building an effective email list can be daunting. Whether you’re just starting out in business, have been operating for a while but have not yet ventured into email marketing, or are just unhappy with the results your current email list is getting, take heart! It is possible to go from zero to success in the world of email marketing, and create a list that will help you market your products and services to exactly the people who want to buy them.

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Over the Irish Moon: Meet the Winner of the Everything Holiday Sweepstakes

by John Habib
John Habib

Congratulations to the winner of the 2016 Everything Holiday Sweepstakes! Marie Rochele Devenny, the owner of Irish Moon, LLC, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, was randomly selected from nearly 300 entries. Marie will receive a free year of Pro email marketing. 

Irish Moon is an online shop specializing in gifts, apparel, and other specialties imported from Ireland and Scotland, or created by artisans of Irish or Scottish descent. Marie had discovered how fulfilling it was to spend her weekends working at a local Irish import store, in contrast to her banking career. “People would leave with such a smile on their faces. I loved working there,” Marie said.

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Deep Insights: 5 reasons your email campaigns need Advanced Reporting

November 30, 2016

Does your email marketing campaign feel a little like deep-sea fishing? At first thought, you may say, ‘No, what are you talking about?’

Hear us out.

To be successful in deep-sea fishing, you must cast a wide net down into the depths beyond your vision. Then, if you’re lucky — really, really lucky — you may just get a bite or two.

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Small Business Stories: Eclectic Shoppe

For small independent retailers, store traffic can be everything. That’s why the traditionally slow months following the holiday season can be such a challenge each year.

Of course, Mike and Maria Smyth knew about such challenges in 2015 when they opened their fun and charming store in historic downtown Wabash, Indiana. The Eclectic Shoppe showcases the work of local artists ranging from pottery and paintings to hand-painted tees and jewelry, in keeping with the Smyths’ passion for local goods. “We are giving artisans a place where they can survive,” notes Maria.

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Looking Ahead: 2017 Email Trend Report

November 2, 2016

It may be surprising to some, but the recent explosion of businesses using social media has done little to eclipse the power of email marketing. As an easy-to-implement, low-cost and highly effective form of marketing, email continues to thrive. In fact, McKinsey recently found email is 40 times more effective at attracting new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

While email may be the old industry stalwart, it is constantly evolving — every year marketers must adapt this tried-and-true tool to meet the changing needs and habits of consumers. Inevitably, new trends emerge as these strategies begin to produce exciting results.

Here are a few of the email marketing trends predicted to take off in 2017:

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Make It a Season of Success: Tips, tools and more for your holiday marketing

by John Habib
John Habib

The holiday marketing season begins in full force even before Halloween arrives. It’s never too early — or too late — to begin your holiday marketing. Our Everything Holiday resource center has all the tools, guides, freebies and other festive goodies you need to come out on top during the crucial final months of the year. 

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‘Tis the Season to Visit Everything Holiday: Highlights from last week’s holiday helpers

by John Habib
John Habib

The Everything Holiday party is going on now! Every day until Oct. 28, we’re unlocking more goodies than a North Pole toy factory to help you shine bright this holiday season. If 24 days of guides, how-to’s, giveaways and seasonal inspiration aren’t enough, we’re also offering one lucky winner a free year of Pro email marketing in the Everything Holiday sweepstakes

Here are some highlights from last week on Everything Holiday: 

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Holiday Email Marketing: Don’t be Quiet as a Mouse

October 19, 2016


Halfway through Q4, you’re looking skeptically at your annual sales goals and wondering if they’re about to fly away like the geese overhead.

Never fear. Santa’s reindeer isn’t named Blitzen for nothing — this may be just the time for a last holiday email marketing blitz. Of course, that’s especially true for retailers, who on average earn 10.1 percent of their annual revenues in December, according to the National Retail Institute. But retail isn’t the only segment that can thrive during the holidays, and other businesses should never assume their revenues are bound to trail off until after the New Year. 

Here are email marketing steps you can take to “rein in” the last of the year’s sales – all manageable within a less-than-two-month time frame. 

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