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Looking Ahead: 2017 Mobile Trend Report

It has been two years since mobile surpassed desktop as the go-to technology for web surfing and content use, and since then we haven’t really looked back from our friendly handheld devices. In fact, the presence of mobile is growing stronger each year as the technology improves and our devices become more and more essential. So what does mobile have in store for 2017?

Here are three trends small businesses should keep an eye on in the coming year.

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6 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Website More Appetizing


With 84 percent of consumers looking at more than one restaurant website before deciding where to dine, it’s imperative to stand out with a persuasive, attractive, easy-to-navigate site. Keep in mind your target audience and be sure that the type of establishment and the offerings you have are displayed prominently.

Our research shows there are the six ways restaurants can consistently attract more customers:

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Mobile Apps Webinar

by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu

Last year, more people accessed the internet on mobile devices than via desktops, according to ComScore. Mobile users spend a whopping 86 percent of their mini-screen time in apps, Flurry Analytics says. They’re not just playing games or checking their bank balances, either. Consumers are using mobile apps to find businesses, learn about their offerings, participate in loyalty programs, make purchases, track orders and voice their opinions on social media.

Apps are now a critical communication channel between consumers and businesses. The costs of not having an app now far surpass the costs of developing one. If your small business doesn’t have a mobile app, you’re missing out on some powerful marketing, selling and customer service opportunities.

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Mobile Apps on the Rise

Mobile apps have become ubiquitous and you probably rely on several to make your life as a small business owner easier and more efficient. Yet for small business owners who run streamlined budgets, it can be difficult to fully grasp how important it has become for every business, regardless of its size, to have its own mobile app.

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How a Mobile App Complements Your Business and Benefits Your Website [Guide]


Just a couple of years ago, the cost of building a mobile app was prohibitively expensive for many small businesses. One 2014 survey placed average development costs at $270,000 and called the process “costly, slow and frustrating.”

The good news? Thanks to technological advancements, costs have dropped exponentially, making such valuable digital tools affordable for the small business owner. That development comes just in time since 90 percent of mobile phone time worldwide is now spent in apps. Eighty-one percent of customers worldwide prefer using mobile apps over mobile websites, and 64 percent of affluent app users view brands more favorably if they offer mobile apps.

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4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile App

If you’re like many small business owners, you’re probably a lot better at using apps to manage tasks in your business than you are at creating, managing and maintaining your own branded app. You can use apps from others to monitor cash flow, order inventory and handle a myriad of other business tasks, but your business likely doesn’t have an app of its own to help you reach your audience in a new way while increasing sales and customer loyalty.

“Small businesses may not have their own apps for a number of reasons,” says Angie Murphy, director of integrated marketing for Deluxe Small Business Services. “They may not think they need one, or that their customers want one. They may be under the impression that it’s enough to have a mobile-responsive website. Or, they may believe they need one but have no idea how to create an app. Many probably think it’s just too expensive to have their own.”

App-solutely missing the boat

Small businesses that don’t have an app may well be missing out on opportunities for growth, Murphy warns.

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Mobile Apps and Email Marketing: A Perfect Pairing


If you like email marketing because it connects you with your customers, you’re gonna love mobile apps. You may have thought you have to choose one or the other, but there’s good news – you can (and should) take them as a pair. The two go together – like PB&J, peas and carrots, or Jay-Z and Beyoncé. They’re each great on their own, but you’ll be amazed to see how stellar they are as a couple. They’re quite different but in many ways the same. And they complement each other quite nicely.

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Deluxe Builds Web Presence for Startup Event Planner

Wedding Planner Website DesignBuilding on a decade of event planning experience, entrepreneur Brittany Maestas was ready to launch her own business. “I had been doing weddings and events for the hotel world for 13 years, which led to quite a few of my friends and clients looking to me to be their wedding planner,” said Maestas, owner of BK Event Design. “I finally thought I should make a business of this.”

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3 Ways to Test Your Website’s Mobile-Friendly Factor

Google-Mobile-Friendly-TestYou may not understand the finer points of Google’s algorithms, but you certainly understand the benefits of how the search engine helps point people to your website. Given Google’s most recent algorithm change  on April 21, 2015 – designed to favor websites that are mobile-friendly – it’s vital to check whether your website is ready to receive mobile traffic.

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