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6 Twitter chats every small business should join

by Amber Humphrey
Amber Humphrey

Looking for ways to grow your business’s audience on Twitter? Try joining a Twitter chat. As a participant, you’ll have the opportunity to network with other small business owners and industry experts while discussing topics that will help your company grow.

During a Twitter chat, a group of Twitter users discusses a topic using a specific hashtag. A moderator will typically pose questions to participants or facilitate a Q&A with an influencer or subject matter expert. Anyone who’s interested in the topic can join the conversation at the designated day and time. To participate, all you need to do is create a Twitter account and include the chat’s hashtag in your replies to the conversation. You can share any insights that you have on the subject, learn from others and ideally start building relationships with other users.

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A guide to advanced Facebook Insights: Analytics and actions

In our recent post, we explained how Facebook’s Page Insights offers free, user-friendly data that can help you pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your Facebook marketing campaign.

Here, we’ll cover directions for accessing some of the more advanced data available through that program and offer suggestions for turning it into valuable actions for your small business.  

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Dealing with a social media slip-up

by John Habib
John Habib

Dealing with a Social Media Slip up

McDonald’s recently found itself with Egg McMuffin on its face when its Twitter account “went rogue” and sent a derisive tweet to Donald Trump. Was it a hacking, a disgruntled employee, a new corporate policy? The offending tweet was quickly deleted, and the company explained its account had been compromised. But because they’re McDonald’s, with more than 150,000 followers, the Hamburgling of their social media account instantly made news.

The fast food chain’s social snafu may have sent shivers down the spine of any business owner using or considering Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. What if a post meant for your personal account finds its way to your business page? Or what if you accidentally announce a special sale for the wrong day, say something offensive or momentarily forget basic spelling and grammar?

Mistakes happen. In case they happen to you, here’s our guide to handling a social media slip-up.

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How much should professional social media management cost?

by John Habib
John Habib

Businesses of every size know that ignoring social media in 2017 is detrimental to the bottom line, particularly when nearly eight in 10 adults who use the internet are also on Facebook. Fortunately, it’s never too late to jump into social media; we’ve covered lots of ways to make social media benefit your business, and how to take advantage of Facebook Ads.

That said, keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social platforms can be a full-time job. No matter how adept you are at multitasking and wearing multiple hats, sometimes you simply don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to social media in a way that maximizes the impact for your business. In that case, outsourcing your social media management is often a smart strategy. But how much should it cost?

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Are your posts paying off? Facebook’s Page Insights 101 for small business


Is your business regularly posting to Facebook with no clear idea of whether doing so is worth the time and energy invested? If so, you’re not alone.

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Turn your Facebook URL into a free vanity name — in one minute

If you’ve established a Facebook page for your business and have never gone back to turn the URL into something more memorable, now would be a good time.

Once any page reaches 25 “Likes,” Facebook allows the administrator to remove the clutter of numbers at the end to condense your web address into something memorable — i.e., a vanity URL or username. That will make it a more useful promotional tool for your business, since research shows people are better able to remember meaningful words than number sequences.

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Social Media 101: Managing your social media presence

by Ria Boyce
Ria Boyce

social-media-presenceLikes and snaps and tweets…oh my! Managing social media can seem overwhelming at times. How do you know you’re taking all the right steps for your business when it comes to social media management?

Don’t panic! We have a social media sanity check to help take the stress out of social.

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How to Build Your First Facebook Ad Campaign, Step-by-Step

You have a company Facebook page. You regularly post content. You’ve built an audience, but your fan count and engagement has plateaued. If this sounds like you, you might be ready to take the next step in social media marketing by experimenting with a Facebook Ad campaign. Facebook Ads are a cost-effective way to reach highly targeted audiences likely to benefit from your products and services. Let’s begin with step-by-step instructions on how to get started. 

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How Your Small Business Can Make Best Use of Social Media

by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu

Small businesses aren’t just the backbone of the U.S. economy. Many times they’re the face of American business, too. When people deal with a large corporation, they may get good customer service, but they rarely see the person who’s providing it. Walking through the door of a small business, customers have a good chance of being served by the owner. If they have a problem, the person who addresses it will be toward the top of the food chain.

Social media can be what truly sets small businesses apart from the stereotype of the large, faceless corporation. It’s also why social media marketing can be such a powerful tool for small businesses — they’re already more in touch with their customers than a big corporation ever could be. To successfully market through social media, a small business doesn’t need a huge, dedicated staff or representation by an agency. They only need to understand their customers and the basics of how good social media marketing works.

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