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4 ways to improve your local Google search results

by Amber Humphrey
Amber Humphrey

When conducting online research, consumers use local search terms to find everything from seafood restaurants in their area, to nearby gyms, to child care providers that are close to where they work. To attract local customers or clients, small businesses must take action to ensure they’re found by local searchers.

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What you need to know about Google’s “Fred” update [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu

Google rolls out algorithm updates all the time — around 500 to 600 every year. These changes are all part of an on-going effort to fight spammers and penalize websites that use prohibited SEO tactics to improve search rankings. Most of the updates are small, but some are more extreme and can have a severe impact on a website’s rankings.

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The power of 3 | Every restaurant owner needs this marketing mix

by Linzi Breckenridge
Linzi Breckenridge

We’ve all witnessed the magic that happens when items are grouped in threes. Ever try reimagining the vaudeville comedy act as The Two Stooges? Inconceivable! Even as children we learned our ABCs, not ABCDs. And without three meals a day, most people feel a little off-kilter.

Studies prove it’s much easier for the brain to comprehend a grouping of three compared to two or four. So when it comes to the perfect marketing mix for restaurateurs, look no further than this powerful trio: digital presence, offline presence and memorable dine-in experience. Find the sweet spot between all three, and your marketing efforts will keep the customers coming in the door. 

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Must-watch TV shows of 2017 for small business owners

by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu

Happy Friday! TGIF! You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again, we’re all “livin’ for the weekend.” And for many, those precious days off are often spent binge-watching Netflix or HBO (Stranger Things or Westworld, anyone?).

While we’re no stranger (no pun intended) to the occasional couch-potato phase, we’re still trying to stick to our New Year’s resolutions to learn something new, work on that side-hustle, and use our time mindfully. Enter the “productive” TV show. You know, the one that you can watch and feel like you’ve spent the last 30 or 60 minutes unwinding thoughtfully, rather than in a brain-drain.

Luckily, even if you’ve already watched every episode of Shark Tank and listened to all the TED Talks, there are still shows to stimulate and entertain the business-minded viewer. Inc. recently published their 9 Top TV Shows Entrepreneurs Should Watch in 2017. From HBO’s satirical Silicon Valley to our very own documentary web series Small Business Revolution, Inc.’s list has a program to fit your every mood for many weekends to come.

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Seasonal Sparkle for Your Holiday Marketing: Highlights from Everything Holiday

by John Habib
John Habib

Halloween hasn’t arrived yet, but the holiday marketing season is fully underway. Don’t despair, however — even if your business hasn’t begun its holiday marketing efforts, it’s never too late to get started. Everything Holiday, our comprehensive resource for all things holiday, is the place to find the tips, tools and festive freebies that will put you into the holiday marketing mindset before the first trick-or-treaters knock on your door.

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Nailed it! 5 promotional emails that make us want to buy

by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu

Crafting an email that might motivate someone to buy is an art and science unto itself, with psychology playing an active role in how recipients respond to your messaging.

A well-designed campaign will likely lead to a greater number of conversions and the building of customer loyalty, while a botched campaign will probably be largely ignored, resulting in a huge waste of time and money. That’s why applying strategy to a campaign is well worth your time and brainpower. Key categories you’ll want to address from a psychological angle are segmentation, tone, subject line, content and graphic design.

Who do you think you’re talking to?

Online tools and services on the market now allow you to gather data about your customers so you can customize messages to whatever is likely to motivate them. A recent study by the Direct Marketing Association found segmented and targeted emails generated 58 percent of all revenue for the marketers queried.

Once you analyze your data, your goal should be to craft your messaging as much as possible toward your target groups’ interests, values and preferred communication styles.

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Marketing Hat Trick: Facebook, Email, Booklets

If you’re looking for a way to get more qualified leads, increase awareness for your brand, and generate long-term sales, it’s time to consider the marketing hat trick of Facebook, email, and booklets. The following details how you can leverage these three powerful marketing tools to grow your business with a cohesive cross-channel campaign.

Start with booklet printing

The entire premise of this type of marketing campaign revolves around the idea that tangible marketing materials such as booklets are excellent tools for establishing brand authority and earning customer trust. You’ll start by printing a how-to booklet that’s highly-relevant to your target audience and offers useful advice for helping customers achieve their goals.

Just about any business can create a strong how-to booklet customers will want to read. Some examples include:

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3 New and Powerful Online Marketing Tools

3 New and Powerful Online Marketing Tools

In business, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to reach targeted customers. The search for a marketing edge is ongoing. You work hard to attract new customers, and think about ways to beat your competition.

To help create an edge, here are three new and powerful online marketing tools that focus on attracting new customers, improving their experience, and generating more revenue for your business.

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How One Local Jewelry Store Optimizes Its Yelp Listing…and Wins!

7-Ways-Optimize-Yelp-ListingLong gone are the days when a business could buy a listing in one or two print directories and call it done. Today, online directory sites abound and they’re not just static listings, they’re interactive communities where businesses can connect and listen to customers, and where customers can talk to each other about a business. As a business owner, you have an opportunity to claim and optimize each of these types of listings – thus, increasing your chances of getting found online.

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An Open Letter to the Minneapolis 2018 Super Bowl Planning Committee

Minneapolis Skyline ImageDear Committee Members,

After hearing the exciting news about Minneapolis winning the bid to host the 2018 Super Bowl, we immediately thought about the positive impact the big game will have on businesses in the Twin Cities area (which is our headquarter’s hometown). Between the award-winning local restaurant scene and quality hotel accommodations, there’s no doubt ticket holders will be kept warm and well fed during their visit.

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