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How to Start a Business Now | Chapter 1: So, You Have a Business Idea

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There's no doubt that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on small businesses. But contrary to what you may think, now can actually be the perfect time to start a new business. Armed with the right tools, you can start down the path from business idea to successful startup. Follow our 16-week series to gain all the insights you need to Start a New Business Now.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Chapter 1.

So you have a business idea…

Does your idea hold water in a post-COVID world, when consumer habits and mindsets are changing at lightspeed? The outlook is good for innovative startups that can leverage emerging trends into profitable businesses.


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But, is your business idea the right idea? That’s the question you’ll answer during the first phase of your startup journey. Get started today with Chapter 1 of How to Start a Business Now, where you’ll:

  • Answer 3 critical questions that will reveal whether your idea is right for today’s market – and for you
  • Discover the reason why 42% of small businesses fail… and how you can avoid common mistakes
  • Learn how to conduct initial competitive research to see where your idea fits in the market
  • Determine whether your business idea is disruptive or based on a proven concept… and how to address the unique challenges associated with each
  • Take 5 crucial steps to vet your business idea – and vastly increase your chances of success
  • Get key tips for naming your business, including how to make sure it’s unique and how to protect it from competitors
  • Learn what it means to adopt a business mindset, how it separates “wantrepreneurs” from true businesses and why it’s integral to long-term success

At the end of the chapter, you’ll take a brief quiz that recaps everything you’ve learned to lay a solid foundation for your new venture.

Building a successful startup is one of the most rewarding accomplishments entrepreneurs ever experience. Read How to Start a Business Now to gain the knowledge and tools you need to realize your dream, and write the first chapter in your own success story today. START NOW.

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There’s never been a better time to start a business. COVID-19 has created opportunities in new markets and the eBook How to Start a Business Now, guides you through all the steps necessary to ensure your businesses success.