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For the last 16 weeks, the How to Start a Business Now eBook has taught you everything you need to know about starting a business. Here’s the breakdown of each chapter and helpful links to get you started on your business journey, today.


Chapter 1: So, you have a business idea

A business mindset means establishing goals and recognizing that most business owners do not go it alone.

Get started and take this quiz.


Chapter 2: Building a business plan

A business plan is a map for your business, providing you with the direction you will need to start, manage and grow your company.

Download this worksheet.


Chapter 3: Creative funding

Fund your business in an uncertain world and use this business budget worksheet. (.pdf 635kb)


Chapter 4: Finance your business

Ideally, you created a budget for your business before you opened. But if not, don’t worry — it’s never too late to create a budget that gives you a view of the money you’re bringing in and helps track your long-term goals.

Create a business budget.


Chapter 5: Leverage your bank as a trusted business advisor

Ask these questions to help you choose the right bank for your small business needs.

Get the checklist.


Chapter 6: Business structure and necessary filings

Get expert advice to help you meet legal obligations and protect your personal assets.

Learn more.


Chapter 7: Marketing your business

Get the tools you need to effectively market your business.

Learn more.

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Chapter 8: Yes, you need social media

Ready to get started with social media?

Get started here.


Chapter 9: Print marketing

Get advice from the business marketing experts at Deluxe.

Learn more.


Chapter 10: Employee care, now

Need talent management advice? Deluxe’s trusted business advisers can help.

Learn more here.


Chapter 11: Customer care, now

Boost your digital marketing and consult a Deluxe Small Business Adviser for expert advice on how to leverage digital marketing into startup sales.

Learn how.


Chapter 12: Pay and get paid

Want help making payments and getting paid? Get expert advice from a Deluxe Small Business Adviser.

Learn more.


Chapter 13: Manage your finances

Need help developing a winning marketing strategy? Boost ROI with Deluxe small business marketing services.

Learn how.


Chapter 14: Security

Need secure payment processing for your business? Deluxe can help with PCI & HIPAA compliant solutions.

Learn more here.


Chapter 15: Crisis prep plan

Need help protecting your business? Consult Deluxe Trusted Business Advisers to learn more. 

Learn here.


Use the How to Start a Business Now eBook as your jumping off point and ignite your business journey, today. Each chapter is here to answer common questions and help you start at any point in your new endeavor. 


How to Start a Business Now eBook

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