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4 Reasons to Put Your Logo on Your Company Vehicle

Deluxe on February 17, 2015 - 11:20 am in Branding

Logo Design on Company VehicleA couple hundred years ago, entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves might have heard the advice “go west.” Today, the advice is “go mobile” – and we couldn’t agree more. However, we’re advocating a kind of “mobile marketing” that is different from what you might be thinking of. We’re talking about putting your company logo on a vehicle.

Whether you operate a floral delivery business with a small fleet of vans or you have a single company car you use to visit clients, putting your company’s logo on the side of a vehicle is a low-cost, high-visibility form of direct marketing. Let’s consider some of the advantages.

1. Low Cost of the Logo Design

The good news is you can have a professional logo designed for less than $300, then apply it to a vehicle sign for less than $100. Instead of paying for monthly rental fees for an expensive billboard, once you’ve added a a logo to your vehicle, you’re done. There’s never any additional expense, yet you continue to reap the visibility every time a vehicle leaves the office.

2. Flexibility of Logo Placement

Long gone are the days when putting your company’s name on a vehicle meant merely painting on the side panels. Today, you can adorn almost any part of a vehicle with your logo. Cover the entire vehicle in an eye-catching wrap. Place a roof sign atop your car (think pizza delivery vehicles and taxi cabs). When you’re stuck in traffic, take advantage of the captive audience behind you by placing your logo on a rear window decal. Have a vehicle that does company work only part-time? A magnetic sign allows you to display your logo when you need it and remove it when you want a lower profile.

3. Mobility of Your Logo

Most signage is stationary, limiting its geographic reach as a marketing tool. Putting your logo on a vehicle ensures your message will get around, unconfined to a single location. The mobility can help put your logo in front of potential customers who might not see it otherwise.

4. Branding Your Business

A good logo becomes the “face” of your brand. Placing it on a vehicle can allow you to saturate a geographic market area with your image, building greater awareness and visibility for your brand’s public face. Putting your company’s logo on a vehicle also helps ensure your employees’ good work gets credited to your business. For example, if you operate an electrical business, when your company vehicle is on a jobsite that logo on the van or truck can help differentiate your team from the general contractor who hired you.

Customers may misplace your business card but they’re likely to remember a great logo that they’ve seen on your company vehicle – making it easier for them to find you again the next time they need to hire someone.

Of course, having your logo on a company vehicle means you should also have in place very clear standards of conduct for any employee who drives that vehicle. You want to put your best face forward whenever your logo is moving around in the world, and placing your signage on a vehicle is a cost-effective, high-visibility form of “mobile marketing.”

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