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Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, RE/MAX is a real estate company with more than 135,000 agents in 115 countries.

At Deluxe Exchange 2021, Deluxe welcomed Shawna Barnhart, RE/MAX’s Director of Product Management along with Deluxe Sales Enablement Consultant Aimee Ware to discuss how RE/MAX partnered with Deluxe to seamlessly integrate custom marketing solutions into their existing realtor software platform. 

Shawna works at RE/MAX headquarters where their job is to support their agents and brokers to help them grow their business. Similar to Deluxe, they’re in the business of building businesses. Her team is focused on creating technology solutions to help their agents grow and succeed. RE/MAX’s product team regularly reaches out to their agents and brokers for feedback, trying to understand their needs. They are very customer focused and outcome driven with the goal of providing products to those agents and brokers that bring true value.

Too Many Tools Proved Challenging for the Realtors

Recently the agents expressed concern, as they felt there were too many tools for them to use and they didn’t have enough time to use them all properly. After all, realtors are essentially business owners and their busy schedules require them to have tools that make their lives easier.

Shawna told Aimee that her team had wondered, “How can we save them time so they can do some of the things they want to do. They’re in this business because they love the customers and they love the relationships they want to be out there, helping people buy and sell real estate. They don’t want to have to be a marketer, so let’s help them get this part of their business done so they can do those things that they love.”

Shawna and her team and RE/MAX wanted to give them a marketing platform that would help them generate leads and thus, Megaphone was born. Megaphone is an in-house marketing tool that helps drive traffic to online listings, websites and social media pages. Using an easy-to-learn platform, agents can create customized ads, place them across the web and prepare performance reports for clients.

Looking for a Partner

Shawna wanted the platform to provide even more value for their realtors so they began to look for a solution that could flawlessly integrate with their platform to make it more user friendly and even more of a one-stop shop.

RE/MAX was looking for a partner who was more than just somebody who met their functional requirements. They were looking for an innovative partner who could help them integrate that marketing piece. They also needed somebody who understood the real estate market and could bring ideas to the table. They always wanted somebody who could work with them throughout the development process with the ability to make adjustments as needed. They wanted a partner that had the same goals around providing the right solutions and solving the right problems for the customers.

Since Deluxe was already an approved supplier of print marketing materials and custom promotional items, RE/MAX met with the Aimee and the Deluxe team to explore the idea of a partnership that would allow their agents to order printed materials and promotional items seamlessly through the Megaphone platform. Shawna explained “We really felt like Deluxe understood our customers and had the same desire to help solve their problems and help make the marketing better for them.”

RE/MAX knew the problem they wanted to solve but not the end solution, so they were delighted that Deluxe was able to bring flexibility and collaboration that carried throughout the process. Being open to challenge each other’s ideas allowed them to really understand the user journey and create a custom solution that met their needs.

Deluxe also looked for the “why” behind what RE/MAX needed. Together they discussed the different user persona needs and explored the platform framework to better understand how users would interact within it.

Developing a Solution

Megaphone already integrated several RE/MAX software products that provides many services for their agents. Two services that were missing were two that Deluxe could help with thanks to the Deluxe Brand Center platform – custom printed materials and custom branded promotional items.

Working together they created seamless solutions for both that integrate directly within the Megaphone platform. The printed materials integration content covers essentially every printed product need for the realtors – postcards, brochures, flyers, presentations and more. The branded promotional solution that Deluxe and RE/MAX built allows realtors to browse and order from an extensive collection of customizable assets.

The Megaphone platform also has real estate listings available for agents. Now when the brokers and agents go into the listing, they are able to order printed marketing materials for that specific home directly from its listing page. They can choose to print Jumbo Postcards, Brochures or Flyers for that listing with the realtor’s information already included. In doing so, they have the option to download the printable pdf files directly from the site for more immediate needs or they can choose to order the prints right from Megaphone itself with the ability to choose the desired quantity.

A Happy Partnership

Deluxe’s print marketing services are now seamlessly integrated into RE/MAX’s Megaphone platform and response has been great – the realtors feel that the marketing integration is easy to understand and they love how it all works together. Both companies are really excited for what’s to come because they know they are working as partners on this journey together – RE/MAX’s success is truly Deluxe’s success as well.

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