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Your Website, Written Perfectly

The first rule of writing for your website is easy: Think of your audience.

Who are they? Why did they come to your site? What should they do once they’re on it? 

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A Guide to Advertising on Facebook

by Ria Boyce
Ria Boyce
December 6, 2016

When it comes to social media, small businesses lean heavily on Facebook. And with good reason: That’s where their customers are. The numbers are staggering. More than a billion people worldwide log into Facebook every day; 20 percent of all U.S. internet page views happen on Facebook; and more than 40 million small businesses maintain active Facebook business pages to share photos, videos and news about their products and services.

Facebook doesn’t charge businesses to set up pages or post content, but because users see so many posts from friends and family, posts from businesses often get lost in the shuffle. One way companies can break through that noise and reach more customers is to invest in Facebook Ads. With its huge audience and targeting capabilities, Facebook advertising offers small businesses a powerful way to build strong relationships with both existing and new customers. Here’s how:

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Over the Irish Moon: Meet the Winner of the Everything Holiday Sweepstakes

by John Habib
John Habib

Congratulations to the winner of the 2016 Everything Holiday Sweepstakes! Marie Rochele Devenny, the owner of Irish Moon, LLC, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, was randomly selected from nearly 300 entries. Marie will receive a free year of Pro email marketing. 

Irish Moon is an online shop specializing in gifts, apparel, and other specialties imported from Ireland and Scotland, or created by artisans of Irish or Scottish descent. Marie had discovered how fulfilling it was to spend her weekends working at a local Irish import store, in contrast to her banking career. “People would leave with such a smile on their faces. I loved working there,” Marie said.

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Deep Insights: 5 reasons your email campaigns need Advanced Reporting

November 30, 2016

Does your email marketing campaign feel a little like deep-sea fishing? At first thought, you may say, ‘No, what are you talking about?’

Hear us out.

To be successful in deep-sea fishing, you must cast a wide net down into the depths beyond your vision. Then, if you’re lucky — really, really lucky — you may just get a bite or two.

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What’s a Widget, Anyway?

November 28, 2016

If you’re looking to upgrade your website, a widget is often a smart place to start. Widgets are small software tools you install on your website to execute specific tasks. Thousands of widgets are available across the internet. Depending on the specific widget, they do everything from display the current local weather to count down to an event to reserve an appointment slot at your business — and much, much more.

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The Perils of Free Shipping

by John Habib
John Habib

E-commerce is an ever more integral part of consumers’ lives. This year alone, e-commerce sales are expected to surpass $1.9 trillion, with an estimated $4 trillion spent on e-commerce by the year 2020.

As the number of online deal hunters grows, many e-commerce companies are offering shipping discounts to capture all of those sales. With its Prime program and enormous scale and reach, Amazon has probably done more than any other retailer to cement the concept of free shipping in customers’ minds. In fact, 88 percent of customers say that free shipping is what prompts them to make purchases online more frequently. Other large retailers like Target, Best Buy and Kohl’s have followed suit, using free shipping to tempt their customers during the holiday season, and sometimes all year long.

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Small Business Stories: EAT! @ Banning & 5th

November 21, 2016

Minnesota restaurateur Shawn Smith knows a thing or two about the power of local. It dates back to his roots on a farm in a rural community. “Growing up, the women in our church made the best food,” he remembers. “[This is] long before we had grocery stores that had 19 kinds of olive oil. Matter of fact, I don’t remember olive oil as a kid.”

But he remembers local connections and the importance of working with the people closest to you, and that’s carried over into his professional life. You see, Smith is still focused on food as well as the local people who make it a success.

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by Amber Humphrey
Amber Humphrey

When you’re using multiple devices to run your business, important data inevitably ends up being stored in a number of different, and sometimes inconvenient, places. You may have photos on your smartphone, videos on your desktop computer and so on. If files are spread out in this way, simple tasks, like sharing documents, can be unnecessarily challenging. Just think about how frustrating it would be if you were on the go, and needed to quickly send information that’s stored on your desktop to a team member or customer. But managing all of this digital data doesn’t have to be difficult —, a Deluxe company, has just launched Online Storage and Backup to help you seamlessly work with files across all of your devices. Now you’ll be able to effortlessly access your files with these features:

Online storage

If you store files locally — on a hard drive or USB thumb drive, for example — all of the data is tethered to that device. But Aplus’s new Online Storage and Backup stores files in the cloud, so you can access documents, photos and videos anywhere with an internet connection. Not only does this make file sharing and collaboration easy, but it can also free up valuable space on your hard drive.

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