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Company rebrand 101

March 22, 2017

A good brand has power. It transcends its product or service. It symbolizes something greater to people. But what happens if a brand isn’t achieving your company’s vision? What if things change so much that your existing brand doesn’t make sense anymore? Rebranding is common – healthy, in fact. Managing a company rebrand, however, comes with its own set of challenges. To help navigate this exciting and sometimes tricky process, see below for our step-by-step guide.

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Make your mark | Create your own logo in minutes

by John Habib
John Habib
March 17, 2017

Great news for anyone who has dreamed of designing their own logo for their business! Deluxe’s online Logo Maker allows you to create a stunning logo in mere minutes. 

Nothing is more important to your company’s brand than its logo. A professional emblem tells current and prospective customers that you stand ready to serve them in a reliable, reputable manner.

Now, creating your own professional-looking logo is easier than ever. With thousands of free templates to start from, the Logo Maker lets you customize your choice until it looks exactly the way you want. Design, and redesign, as many logos as you want without paying until you’re ready to download.

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How much should professional website design cost?

by John Habib
John Habib
March 15, 2017

Trying to determine how much to pay for a professionally designed website can be confusing for even the savviest among us. One of the first things you’ll discover when researching web design is that the price range is all over the map — from practically free to discouragingly expensive. This is because web design pricing is often subjective. There’s no fixed industry price, and you may be charged based on what your designer feels is fair.

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Turn your Facebook URL into a free vanity name — in one minute

March 10, 2017

If you’ve established a Facebook page for your business and have never gone back to turn the URL into something more memorable, now would be a good time.

Once any page reaches 25 “Likes,” Facebook allows the administrator to remove the clutter of numbers at the end to condense your web address into something memorable — i.e., a vanity URL or username. That will make it a more useful promotional tool for your business, since research shows people are better able to remember meaningful words than number sequences.

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Simple changes to your website can provide big dividends

March 2, 2017

Ellens Bridal and Dress Boutique_Home PageIt is hard to believe, but in 2017, many small businesses are still without a website, or at least one that will help drive more sales. These days, a functioning website is, at a minimum, table stakes.

Today, 90 percent of Americans have access to the internet. A total of 70 percent of the population has a smart phone. Americans rely less on advertising and more on the ability to find what they want instantly than ever before. If you are a small business and your customers can’t find you? Well, chances are you won’t be in business very long.

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The power of 3 | Every restaurant owner needs this marketing mix

by Linzi Breckenridge
Linzi Breckenridge

We’ve all witnessed the magic that happens when items are grouped in threes. Ever try reimagining the vaudeville comedy act as The Two Stooges? Inconceivable! Even as children we learned our ABCs, not ABCDs. And without three meals a day, most people feel a little off-kilter.

Studies prove it’s much easier for the brain to comprehend a grouping of three compared to two or four. So when it comes to the perfect marketing mix for restaurateurs, look no further than this powerful trio: digital presence, offline presence and memorable dine-in experience. Find the sweet spot between all three, and your marketing efforts will keep the customers coming in the door. 

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Is a hand-drawn illustration right for your logo?

by John Habib
John Habib
February 22, 2017

Clean lines, modern typography and a sleek style often work wonders in a well-designed logo. For certain businesses, however, a strong custom illustration makes a logo truly embed itself in customers’ consciousnesses. 

A custom illustration logo is a brand symbol featuring a detailed, hand-drawn image. Famous examples abound, from the NFL shield to the LG emblem to Disney’s palace and signature combo. With their handcrafted origins, custom illustration logos can take a bit longer to develop than other logos. But because of their potential to be exceptionally vibrant and memorable, they are often worth the time and effort.

Custom illustrations have never gone out of style and are one of our 20 logo trends to watch in 2017. How do you know if a custom illustration logo is right for your business? We spoke with Deluxe logo designer Daniel Liete to learn more about how these unique designs work. 

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Social Media 101: Managing your social media presence

by Ria Boyce
Ria Boyce

social-media-presenceLikes and snaps and tweets…oh my! Managing social media can seem overwhelming at times. How do you know you’re taking all the right steps for your business when it comes to social media management?

Don’t panic! We have a social media sanity check to help take the stress out of social.

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