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Build Your Brand with Social Media

November 5, 2013

Social Media Icons ImageEstablishing a brand for your company is essential for a successful business. Your brand is your identity, providing a recognizable attribute to your audience. Consider Nike’s swoosh, or McDonald’s arches, these branding images represent who they are as a company and what they will deliver to their consumer base; they create not only name recognition, but a sense of value as well.

Reaching your target audience and promoting your brand can be effectively utilized through social media sites. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are changing the way businesses operate and market their products and services. Social media users are quickly increasing, with currently 750 million users on Facebook, from all over the world.

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4 Major Ingredients to Strengthen Your Brand

November 4, 2013

Brand IdentityYour company’s brand is the sum of its identifying characteristics; it’s the public’s perception of your product and your company’s general reputation and values as expressed through direct and indirect experience through sales transactions, customer service and support, advertising, and even your physical facility and logo design. A strong brand tells the world what you do and for whom as well as how and why you’re in business.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the core elements of a company brand.

1. Values

Your company’s general reputation as a corporate citizen says a lot about what you stand for, care about or value. This aspect of branding encompasses the impression you make on consumers as well as other businesses, and it requires ongoing consideration and effort.

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Interview with LogoMojo Founder, Cono Fusco

November 1, 2013

LogoMojo, an online logo design firm that operates as part of the Deluxe suite of marketing support services, celebrated the creation of its 50,000th logo. This exciting milestone for the company demonstrates just how far company founder Cono Fusco has come toward his dream.

“I literally got started just creating fake logos for companies that didn’t exist,” says Fusco, who started his first company at age 15. The business provided filming and editing services for wedding videos. “I knew that I wanted to run my own company, and eventually I just decided that I was pretty good at drawing up logos at a time when a lot of small businesses didn’t have one.”

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Andra Delores Design – Married to the Wedding Biz

Memorial Day is a trigger on my calendar that the seasons have (finally) shifted from spring to summer. While many Midwesterners lovingly refer to summer as “road construction” season, as someone in her twenties, I have come to consider it wedding season. If you are anything like me, your refrigerator has become a collage of beautiful save-the-dates and wedding invitations.

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Zealous Apparel Expands Mountain Magic with Main Street Retail Shop

March 27, 2013

Growing up in Colorado’s Summit County provided the perfect outdoor playground for brothers, and future entrepreneurs, Luke and Adam Drake.  Their love of nature, sports and a few of life’s twists proved to be the inspiration for the apparel business they launched in 2005.

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w.b. builders – Perfecting the Blend of Passion and Management

February 22, 2013

Scot-WaggonerCreating a new company is a lot like building a house. An entrepreneur must invest a lot of time, money, and elbow grease, starting with a solid, supporting foundation, building the walls, and capping off the roof. Then what’s left is to decorate and truly make the house one’s own.

This was true both literally and figuratively for Scot Waggoner when he founded w.b. builders in 2003. Based on his lifelong passion for carpentry, Scot decided to make his dreams of crafting peoples’ dream homes a reality. A decade later, Scot makes the blend of hands-on construction with people and project management seem like second nature. The passion is something Scot says he, “… always had in my back pocket,” but didn’t see going exactly the way it did. He always found construction jobs compelling and wanted to run his own company, but the link between the two didn’t come until a bit later.

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Owning a Small Business Together – Lakeside Floral and Gift’s Love Story

February 14, 2013

My grandfather used to say “You don’t know someone ‘til you live with them.” I wonder what his mantra would have been for people who live AND work together?

For those of you in this boat, you’re not alone by any means.  Nearly 4 million small businesses in the U.S. are owned and operated by couples, according to the last available census.  So how does cohabitation translate to staying happy while managing cash flow, marketing the business, and keeping up with taxes and regulations?

One couple seems to have it figured out.

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Success Tastes So Sweet

February 13, 2013

Before Valentine’s Day, men and women of all ages visit their local confectioner’s shop to acquire sweets for their sweets. At a quality confectionary, they’ll encounter wide-ranging choices from multitudes of chocolates to fruit-flavored sweets. They’re sure to find something to the liking of their love ones’ sweet teeth!

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