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Business slowdowns aren't easy: 5 products to show employee appreciation

employee appreciation

Businesses of all sizes are feeling the economic slowdown from the Coronavirus outbreak. As many companies are temporarily closing or closing their doors for good, employees are left to wonder about their future. TIME reports 1 in 6 U.S. workers are at risk of being laid off. With this statistic looming, many business owners will have to make hard decisions about which staff are essential to keep their businesses moving through a slowed economic cycle. These types of decisions are not only hard for business owners, but for the whole staff. 

Keep your employees top of mind during this uncertain time. Whether your staff has been relegated to working from home or they’re still on-site, here are 5 products to help you show your appreciation of them.

1. Coffee mugs

Mugs are simple way to show appreciation. As more people are working from home than ever, make sure your team knows you care about the value they add away from the office. Fortune magazine mentions the crisis has changed the traditional “work from anywhere” attitude. In the midst of this pandemic, people cannot work from or drink a caffeinated beverage at their favorite local coffee shop. As a way to encourage your working team members to stay home and make their own coffee or tea, gift a mug with an uplifting slogan or a company message that communicates your appreciation. 

2. Custom apparel and 3. Branded blankets

In a time where government “stay home” orders and social distancing are the reality, find ways to offer comfort and connection. One way to offer employees comfort is giving a custom sweatshirt or blanket. Whether taking virtual conference calls with customers or attending a Happy Hour webinar with coworkers, gift them with something that they can wear or use as a reminder that they are a part of an organization that cares. Maintaining connection with people and work is important during these long periods of physical distancing and the Washington Post reports that the power of connection enhances stress reduction and bolsters immune function. 

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4.  Food gifts

Since the pandemic was annouced, Google reports increased search traffic for "baking" topics. To pass the long periods of time at home, many people are choosing to bake breads, cookies and other confections. While some people opt for homemade food deliveries from friends and family, think about how you can provide a sweet or salty snack to your current team. Consider sending a bag or box of sweets to your employees during their remote time.

5. Journals and notebooks

Journals and notebooks are a perfect addition to a home office or journaling routine. To stay on top of work and balance emotional well-being, The University of Michigan outlines ways to manage mental health during COVID-19  and suggests to write a “worry drop” to help ease anxiety and stress caused by the everchanging Coronavirus environment. As a way to support and show appreciation to your employees, consider sending them a custom notebook with an inspiring message on the cover or personalized slogan that communicates their value on your team. 

While business slows and companies continue to furlough employees, it is an integral time to show your current employees that you appreciate and care for them. As this virus continues to affect the nation, consider how you communicate and keep your employees top of mind during this trying time. Whether sending them a gift of appreciation or setting up a virtual Happy Hour, your employees are integral to keeping your business thriving. For further  information about the changing business landscape, stay up-to-date with this COVID-19 Toolkit



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