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Is Your Business Giving the Gift of Secure Gift Certificates?

High Security Gift Certificates from DeluxeAs the year’s final stretch approaches, are you looking forward to a big holiday season to finish 2015? Strong sales figures will not only solidify this year’s numbers, they’ll also give your business a great start for the year ahead.

For many companies, successfully reaching sales goals during the holiday months will depend on, in part, the sale of gift cards or gift certificates. Whatever your business sells, the benefits of cards and certificates are hard to deny. Research from Gift Card Partners, Inc., shows that consumers who redeem a gift card spend an average of 32 percent more than the dollar amount on the card, and one in four consumers say receiving the gift card actually motivated their trip to the local business.

These are numbers any business can appreciate because they not only improve your current sales, but make possible future sales and increases as well. Yet the gift card industry doesn’t guarantee profit, as there are concerns as well.

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10 Ways Deluxe’s High Security Paper Protects Documents

High Security Paper Stock

Handling confidential information in the health care and finance industries is commonplace, but every industry has its own information that needs to be protected with the utmost security. In today’s digital market, electronic security is more important than ever as people and companies strive to protect important information from hackers. Non-digital documents like sensitive health data, all the way to custom contractor bids, it’s essential to identify potential security concerns. Traditional fraud is alive and well, and when the right document falls into the wrong hands the results can be disastrous.

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Why High Security Checks Are Worth It!

5 Benefits of High Security Checks

You may not use checks in your personal life as much as you once did, but they’re still an essential part of your business’s daily transactions. Unfortunately, criminals know this fact, making checks a target for fraud. While occurrences of check fraud are much lower than credit cards, the average damage is much higher. In fact, research from The Federal Reserve shows small businesses lose more than $1200 on an unauthorized check transaction, vs. $138 on average for general purpose credit cards.

Armed with that knowledge, what can you do to protect your small business and your checks?

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10 Fraud-Busting Features on Deluxe’s High Security Checks

High Security Checks from DeluxeYou were trained to counter theft in its traditional forms. You keep your wallet in a breast pocket, not your back pocket, secure the strap on your purse, carry only small amounts of cash, and never let anyone stand too close to you while entering your ATM pin number. You’ve also guarded your most expensive possessions by never leaving your car unlocked and always alerting neighbors when you’ll be away from home.

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Fighting a Cyber Attack Before One Happens to Your Small Business

Protect Your Business from Cyber AttacksCyber crooks are equal-opportunity criminals. They’re just as willing to try hacking the systems of a small business as they are a retail giant. In fact, they could be even more eager to go after a small business, because they’re well aware that most small companies don’t have the defenses and resources bigger players do. If it takes a big company months to detect a cyber attack, how much longer might it take for a small organization to discover it’s been the victim of an attack? And do you have that much time – and money – to spare?

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Spotting and Thwarting Fraud in Your Small Business

Stopping Fraud in Small BusinessThere’s a saying in the small business world: Big companies have employees; small ones have family members. When your company is small and you spend every day with the same group of people, it can be easy for the lines between employer and employee to blur. Your employees are your most valuable asset, and you take care of them. You want to think they’ll take care of your company, too.

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7 Steps to Keep Your Small Business Fraud-free in 2015

seven-steps-keep-small-business-fraud-freeEven if 2014 was a banner year for your small business, you can’t afford to fall victim to fraud in 2015. An infographic from the Association for Certified Fraud Examiners provides startling perspective on the costs of fraud to a business: the median cost for a single instance of fraud is $145,000, and nearly a quarter of all fraud incidents cost the affected company more than $1 million. The organization surveyed companies around the world and respondents estimated that a typical business loses 5% of its revenue to fraud each year.

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Take a Tip from the BBB: Use High Security Business Checks

High-security-checks-fight-fraudSome business tools are simply timeless, such as having a written business plan or greeting customers by name. Add to that list of indispensable tools the business checking account. Despite the rise of other payment methods – or perhaps because of it – checks will always play a critical operational role for most small businesses. Unfortunately, fraudsters know how important business checks are, and they continue to find new ways to exploit business checking accounts.

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Recognizing Fraud Against Small Business, and the Steps to Prevent It

Small Business Fraud.pptx

Fraud affects nearly a third of all small businesses, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). If it happened to yours, would you know how to detect it? Or remedy the effects? Signs of fraud are not always as obvious as a suddenly empty bank account, and cleaning up afterward is never as easy as taking steps to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place.

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5 Mistakes and Lessons Learned from #myfirstpaycheck Scam

My First Paycheck ScamEveryone makes mistakes, and for many of us the silliest ones occur when we’re young and inexperienced. Sometimes the outcomes of our errors are just embarrassing, but other times they’re more serious – such as the consequences encountered by some young workers who posed for pictures while holding their first paychecks, and then posted the images on Instagram with the hashtag #myfirstpaycheck.

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