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What the Heck is an eCheck?

Benefits of Deluxe eChecksWe hear that question a lot since launching eChecks in 2013, and thought it would be a perfect time to share what eChecks are and how they fit within the scope of other payment options.

In today’s digital business climate, the traditional check is still in use. Research shows that businesses issued more than 13.1 billion paper checks in a given year. This popularity can be attributed, in part, to the fact that checks still provide critical capabilities that many online payment systems can’t offer. However, conventional checks are not without their drawbacks, and the demand for a payment system that combines the qualities of a traditional check with the convenience of an online payment system has created a new form of checking perfect for today’s digital business climate – Deluxe eChecks.

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Why 2015 Could Be Your Year for a Faster ePayment System

January 13, 2015

Deluxe eChecks Image

The start of a new year is the perfect time to review business processes and explore tools and systems that can improve efficiency – and ultimately boost your bottom line. ePayments can be a business-building tool, yet if you’ve tried an ePayment method in the past, only to be disappointed, you’re not alone. In fact, 78 percent of small businesses that have tried an electronic payment solution abandoned the system without completing the switch, Deluxe research has found.

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Deluxe eChecks: Discover the Fast, Easy Way to Send Payments

October 22, 2014

Deluxe eChecks ImageWe know from our recent research that small businesses want an e-payment method that’s easy for everyone to use. It needs to be widely accepted and simple to send and receive payments – criteria that perfectly describe Deluxe eChecks. Anyone can send or receive our eChecks, securely, quickly and less expensive than paper checks.

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Are eChecks the Right Option for Your Business? Take the Quiz!

September 16, 2014

eCheck ImageWhether you run a flower shop, coffee house or construction company, there’s a good chance your small business already relies on technology to make life easier. From inventory and bookkeeping software, to email and social media marketing, small businesses have embraced technology. If you aren’t already using an ePayment system – or if you aren’t convinced the one you’re currently using is right for your business – it may be time to explore Deluxe eChecks.

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What the Fed’s Latest Payment Industry Study Means for Small Business

Payment ImageValidation is an empowering feeling, and validated is exactly how those of us who follow ePayment trends are feeling right now. The Federal Reserve Bank’s most recent study on end-user payment preferences echoes our own research on what businesses are looking for from a payment solution.

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Deluxe Corp Launches New Mobile App for Electronic Checks

Small Business Owner ImagePaying by check just became as quick and easy as a few taps on an iPhone. With the new Deluxe Mobile Checkbook app, small business owners can now send and receive payments with the same convenience of a printed check…no matter where they are.

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[Infographic] Small Businesses and ePayments: What Owners Need to Make the Switch

Small business owners are always looking for ways to make their operations more efficient, and necessary tasks – like paying bills – faster and easier. While an ePayment system can help streamline the process of paying suppliers, 78 percent of small businesses that have tried an electronic solution failed to stick with it. Why? The problem, it seems, is that many ePayment solutions aren’t meeting the needs and wants of small business owners.

We recently conducted research and found small business owners wanted the following 10 criteria met in order to completely make the switch to an ePayment solution.

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Why eChecks Make Sense for Your Business

Paying Bills Online ImageHopefully you’ve had the opportunity by now to experience the convenience and efficiency offered by Deluxe® eChecks. If so, you recognize how they blend the ease of paper checks with the speed of email, and you know about the money you save each month if you write a lot of checks. You’ve also seen how well eChecks integrate with accounting software like QuickBooks® and Sage 50, and you likely appreciate how they can help businesses avoid rush charges.

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How One Business Owner Became a Big Believer in eChecks

Al Hillmann PhotoWhen Al Hillmann bought Standard Dynamics in 1983, the company had already been in business for over 40 years. Specializing in printing and document finishing solutions that include high-speed collators, booklet-makers, perfect binders and packing systems, the business was well established and had the processes and procedures in place to operate profitably.

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10 Reasons Why eChecks Work for Business Payments

ePayments PhotoHow can our products make your business better?

That’s a question Deluxe spends a lot of time trying to answer. We love listening to our customers to find out what they like, and anything they don’t like. It’s how we improve and innovate the goods and services we offer.

This is certainly true when it comes to ePayments, as we worked with owners and decision makers from small businesses – most fewer than 50 employees – to learn why so many continue to use paper checks despite the availability of alternate payment methods.

This research, titled “Small Business Owner Views on Payment Options” uncovered 10 interesting findings:

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