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Top 20 online places to list your local retail business

Gone are the days when a business laid down an annual sum to have its information listed in the Yellow Pages. These days it’s crucial for small businesses to instead prominently list themselves in multiple online directories.

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Small Business Stories: EAT! @ Banning & 5th

November 21, 2016

Minnesota restaurateur Shawn Smith knows a thing or two about the power of local. It dates back to his roots on a farm in a rural community. “Growing up, the women in our church made the best food,” he remembers. “[This is] long before we had grocery stores that had 19 kinds of olive oil. Matter of fact, I don’t remember olive oil as a kid.”

But he remembers local connections and the importance of working with the people closest to you, and that’s carried over into his professional life. You see, Smith is still focused on food as well as the local people who make it a success.

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Deluxe Corporation recognized with Select Status in Bing Partner Program

by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu

Today, as part of the Bing Partner Program, Microsoft named Deluxe Corporation as one of a group of key partners to act as trusted advisors to their growing customer base for search advertising opportunities with the Bing Network.

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Ready, Set, Google! (How to Start an Adwords Campaign)


In the dog-eat-dog world of search engine optimization, getting into the top 10 list on any given Google search can be a challenge.

Fortunately, the free and user-friendly structure of Google Adwords can help even those new to the methodology compete with experienced SEO experts. Setting up a viable Adwords account and understanding some strategy behind it can help you reach important customers with the information, products, services, deals and/or location likely to meet their needs at the right time.

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When Traffic Is a Good Thing

Who needs a scholarly study to tell them sitting in traffic stinks? High traffic volume on the road is frustrating, stressful and anger-inducing — everyone knows that. Plus, a recent study indicates sitting in traffic is even bad for your health because it increases your exposure to toxic fumes.

As much as you want to avoid traffic on the nation’s roads and highways, there is one place where you actually want more traffic — your website!

The reasoning is simple to understand: the more people who visit your website, the more likely your sales and brand awareness will also increase. Of course, it’s important that the traffic is high in quality, too. High numbers of visitors aren’t worth much if they don’t convert to sales or subscriptions.

It’s important to start your traffic-boosting efforts with a vision for why you want to increase web traffic and what kind of traffic is important to you. Put in place tools to measure your success, and then try working your way through this list of 16 ways to increase website traffic:

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Hungry for Results? Restaurant Serves Up Better Visibility

Minnesota restaurant owner Shawn Smith serves up scrumptious handmade baked goods, salads, sandwiches and soups from scratch. Keywords, SEO and domain authority? Not so much.

That’s why he’s so pleased with the new search-optimized website Deluxe created for his four-year-old downtown White Bear Lake eatery “Eat @ Banning & Fifth.” Since the launch of Deluxe’s mobile-friendly web design, benefits have included what Smith calls an “exponential” increase in organic searches — a crucial element in the ultra-competitive restaurant industry.

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[Infographic] 6 SEO Tips to Build a Better Website

6 SEO Tips to Build a Better Website
You’ve probably heard rumblings over the years about the importance of a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Recent statistics certainly support this notion: 80% of shoppers go online before making a purchase; 50% of consumers visit a store within a day of a local search on a smartphone; and my favorite – your website has less than 5 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention.

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Using Paid Search and Remarketing to Increase Traffic in the New Year


Perhaps the busy holiday season brought an influx of traffic to your website, and you’re looking for ways to continue to hold customers’ attention in the new year. Maybe holiday traffic was lax, and you’re wondering what you can do differently in 2016 to improve viewership. In both scenarios, paid search and remarketing can help.

No one can dispute the increasing influence of digital marketing across virtually every industry. Brandshop’s 2015 Digital Consumer Preferences Survey found:

  • More than 71 percent of consumers shop online several times a month.
  • Nearly all surveyed consumers (96 percent) said research is crucial to their shopping experience.
  • When it comes time to make a purchase, 82 percent want to be able to buy directly from a brand’s website, and 88 percent said they would prefer to do so.
  • Google is where more than half (58 percent) of all product searches/research begins.

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Old World Pasta Meets New World Marketing


Pastaland Owners

What happens when you pair an old world style, traditional product with the new world marketing techniques we have at our fingertips?  I’m sure you’ll agree, this is a true recipe for success. Pastaland, located in Leominster, Massachusetts, was just recently acquired by three new owners venturing to grow this business using the latest technology and social media tools coupled with the original equipment and secret recipe that is still going strong. What is the result?  An exclusive, superior, craft- made product holding true to it’s authenticity, but brought to you in a modern day world.

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SEO 101: Rank Higher in Google [Free Webinar]

Free-Webinar-Deluxe-Rank-Higher-GoogleIn order to be competitive in today’s market, it’s a good idea to not only understand search engine optimization, but also know how to capitalize on it. Case in point: research from Pew Research shows 87 percent of online users are searching online every month. When they search for your company, what will they find?

To help companies better understand SEO and the differences between earned, paid and owned media, Deluxe’s Adam Dince, Director of Earned Media, recently shared tips in his webinar presentation, SEO 101 in 2015: Ranking Higher in Google.

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