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The Small Business Revolution documentary, “The Entrepreneurial Spirit of America,” premiered in 2015. It was the capstone of a year-long celebration of the entrepreneurs and small business owners who live the American Dream. After all, America is a nation of small businesses. Some of the largest companies today once started as entrepreneurial ideas — often in a garage or dorm room.

Each and every one of the small businesses in this country is critical not only to our culture, but to the economy. There was no bailout for small businesses when the economy crashed in 2008. Small business owners had to crawl their way out. Many people who were let go from corporate jobs found fresh starts through old-fashioned innovation and determination to create something new. Ned Staebler, the CEO of TechTown Detroit who is featured in the documentary, puts it this way: “There is no one big thing. The next big thing is a thousand little things.” In other words, small businesses.

Running a small business can be immensely challenging. But as Small Business Revolution shows, it is also highly rewarding and, in many ways, heroic. Watch the documentary to meet some of the heroes.

We’re starting a revolution

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