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Stick with social distancing: 4 products for work and life balance

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Social distancing has become the new normal in our Coronavirus world. Suddenly everyone is at home, and maintaining a work-life balance has taken on a whole new meaning. Kids are underfoot, work tasks are never done, and everyone’s stressed. As an employer, you can help your employees avoid burnout. Great Place To Work recommends some ways to transition teams remotely by outlining the importance of flexible schedules, proper nutrition, designated home workspaces and prioritizing overall wellness.  

By shifting work culture expectations, employers can help employees adapt to this new normal. The following products can help your employees navigate a work life balance while sticking with social distancing. 

1.  Journals, organizers and notebooks

As productivity wavers, newly remote employees need a better, more efficient way to stay organized. Forbes magazine suggests finding ways to physically create space between work life and home life during COVID-19. Journals and notebooks are a perfect way to help employees separate their work to-dos from their household to-dos. 

Journaling can also help create a sense of priority and gratitude in one’s daily life. From developing key habits to cultivating a gratitude practice, Inc. magazine outlines how keeping a journal could positively change a person’s life. 

2.  Computer and electronic accessories

Since social distancing has been recommended to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus, people are spending more time alone, telecommuting into work and not interacting with extended friends and family. As a way to stay connected, the United Way makes some recommendations for people to feel less alone during this hard time. This includes checking up on people via Zoom or Skype, talking on the phone or sending a text. 

Some tools to help your company stay connected include headphones for chatting with friends or participating in virtual meetings, USB ports to hookup work-from-home computers or speakers to listen to music. 

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3.  Wellness and fitness equipment

Moving your body has never been more important. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise and movement can help people find focus and relieve stress.  Even during the COVID-19 outbreak, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends people continue to get at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Your company can help promote employee wellness during their time at home by equipping them with some health and wellness tools to help them stay active before or after their work at home time. 

4.  Mindfulness products 

Many business leaders are finding different ways to guide their teams through this questionable time—some are shifting their focus to the mental and emotional well-being of employees. By providing your team members with helpful tools to cultivate mindfulness through this crisis, you are supporting them both on and off screen. 

In the era of selfcare, SUCCESS magazine suggests simple add-ins to people’s daily routine. Some of these include taking a bath or lighting a scented candle. Encourage your employees to take time for themselves. While trying to find balance, a simple product to add their wellness routine life can include essential oil aromatherapy kits and soothing bath add-ins. 

It is important for companies to keep their employees top-of-mind. Whether you can provide a simple notebook, a pair of headphones, or other ways to keep your employees less stressed, all of these suggestions will help with the isolation of social distancing and will help your employees find balance before they are back in the office. 


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