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RDM Corporation is now part of the Deluxe Family

RDM Corporation is now part of the Deluxe Family

WAUSAU Financial systems, a Deluxe Company has always been committed to delivering new innovations to our clients and the market. Today, we are excited to demonstrate this commitment and announce the completed acquisition of RDM Corporation (RDM).

Our clients’ best interests were the foundation of this strategic, purposeful move intended to elevate our industry position. RDM’s industry presence and solutions are a complementary enhancement to WAUSAU’s RDC Treasury Management solution portfolio. WAUSAU’s investment today is a promise for long-term viability within the FinTech industry tomorrow and into the future. Beyond an amplified RDC treasury management solution suite, I’m most excited to leverage our expanded scale to the fullest extent and deliver exclusive advantages to WAUSAU and RDM customers within the coming months.

Expect diligent support. Clients can have confidence that their RDC investments will be fully supported through well-established upgrade paths for both solution sets.

Expect new options. RDM clients will have access to WAUSAU’s full suite of treasury management solutions, including integrated receivables, item processing, exceptions management and paperless solutions.

Expect new innovations. We look forward to elevating solution technology over time through WAUSAU and RDM clients’ suggestions and intend to invest more resources to create a best-of-the-best suite of RDC solutions for the market and our clients in the months ahead.

I am very excited about this next chapter in WAUSAU’s history, and I’m confident that our clients will benefit from a deeper product portfolio from the merging of two well-established, highly-respected partners. 

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