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Accelerate your cash flow with faster payments

Small Business: Finance Your Business

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Small businesses everywhere struggle with the cash flow conundrum. They know cash is critical to their success, but they think it takes an accounting whiz to manage it.

This webinar will empower you with the skills you need to take control of your cash flow, once and for all.

In this webinar

  • Discover a surefire way to identify a cash flow crunch before it happens, so you can adjust and keep your business running smoothly.
  • Predict how much money you need and when you’ll need it — no crystal ball required.
  • Find out how to use  Deluxe eChecks  to make payments at the speed of email and better manage your cash at hand.

With this free, one-hour webinar, learn how to track, transform and accelerate your cash flow, and help your business thrive.

About the presenter

Steve Gaida is the Director of Retail Sales Strategy and the Product Manager, Payments & Transactional Solutions, at Deluxe Corp.

eBook: Finance Fundamentals

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Case Study Financial Institution

Check program excellence increases profits

Deluxe is now Ameris Bank's new check provider. The bank wanted to establish profitable check program and find a reliable provider that was the right fit.