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With the worst of the pandemic hopefully in our rearview mirror, many offices around the country have started to welcome back many of their team members who have been working remotely. Employees may have mixed feelings about returning to the workplace, so how can you make sure they’re happy and comfortable when they return?

We previously covered a variety of workplace safety measures you can take, but going a little bit further above and beyond to make them feel special can really set your company apart from the others. Studies have shown that providing small gifts to your employees can make a big impact in helping keep them motivated, engaged and loyal to your company.

With that in mind, let’s explore some office essentials that can help ease them back into the “new normal” as well as a few gifts ideas for you to give your team a warm welcome back to the workplace.

1. New Normal Essentials

It’s likely that your team will be coming back into the office in various states of comfortability. Some won’t have any concern but others might be worried about keeping their workspace extra clean and being particularly safe while they’re around the office. Lower COVID positivity rates along with increased vaccination rates have been crucial in the ease of government restrictions in many areas. If your team members are comfortable with it, vaccination pins can provide a little bit of extra peace of mind.

Implementing extra sanitation measures around the office will certainly help in common areas, but what about a person’s own desk and personal space? Giving members of your team members a personal PPE kit can help give them all of the tools they need to keep their personal areas clean and germ-free.

Touchless tools that allow people to avoid touching door handles, toilets, keypads, vending machine buttons, elevator buttons and frequently used touchscreens among many other things have become very popular of late. They are incredibly useful and versatile, and as a bonus, most have a space that you can place your company’s logo.

Using the shared fridge in the breakroom might give your teammates pause, but getting them their own insulated lunch cooler allows them to keep their lunch cool at their desk and adding a company logo helps them look stylish while doing it!

2. Welcome Back Gifts

Coffee Mugs

When your employees are back in the office, they’re no longer going to have access to their cabinet full of coffee mugs. You can solve that problem by getting them a branded cup to hold their favorite beverage. We really like this coffee cup that has a bonus bag of chocolate covered almonds in it.


Anybody who has ever been around on Donut Friday knows that snacks always go over big in the office. Providing lunch can also be a nice little pick-me-up during the work day. Giving out individual snack items is also a great solution because your employees can save those snacks for when they really need them. Afternoon hunger can be cured by passing out cookies, popcorn, candy or snack variety bags. This particular snack bag includes a fun mix of goodies that is sure to please anyone.

Company Apparel

Clothing items can be a great gift to show that you appreciate your staff for the hard work they’re doing and the options these days are practically endless. You’re far from limited to the standard t-shirt or polo, even though those do still have plenty of practical applications. Looking to upgrade your swag? Turn up the cool factor with items they’ll want to wear in or out of the office like zip-up hooded sweatshirts, long sleeve half zip pullovers or even a snazzy pair of custom socks.

3. Work from home and Travel Gifts

While many of us will be fully back in the office permanently, depending on the industry, business needs and more, some of your teammates might be working in and out of the office on occasion in a hybrid type of environment. Great gifts for hybrid employees can range from mobile office/laptop totes that will keep their electronics safe to a mobile pen/pencil case that can hold much more than just pens and pencils. This tech gift set provides nearly anything you’ll need while on the go with earphones, a power bank, a USB charger and more all organized neatly in a case that will withstand a drop or two.

With offices back open that means business travel is back as well. Custom toiletry kits or carry on bags can help keep your traveling teammates organized and ready for any client meeting or conference.

Remember, a little can go a long way in helping your team feel appreciated and welcome in their return the office. A small gift here or there to show that you care can be an investment that yields many happy returns.


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