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Branded marketing products for your business

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Marketing with promotional products and print pieces makes your brand tangible. Whether it’s a wearable clothing item, a coffee mug, pen, or postcard, it literally places your logo, name and business in people’s collective hands. And when people use your branded product, it serves as a tacit endorsement of your business. That’s why promotional products are a multibillion-dollar industry, and it’s growing fast. Don’t get left behind. Get noticed instead. Source: IBIS World Reports.


Stand out with branded products

When you put your name on promotional items, apparel, business essentials, print marketing and more, your business can increase awareness while you build your brand.

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Be memorable

Stay ahead of your competition by helping people remember your business.

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Fit any budget

Choose from hundreds of proven promotional products and apparel at every price point.

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Breadth of solution

With thousands of suppliers, already used by some of the best companies across the country, you too can experience the speed and cost efficiency of choice that are just part of the value.

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American-made items

Made in the USA, promotional products convey patriotism while also supporting American businesses. We work with several manufacturers that offer a wide variety of American made products. Products made in the USA are almost always in-stock, with fast turnaround times, reliable and not subject to overseas pricing tariffs.

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Reach a wider audience

Print marketing pieces have staying power because you can’t click away. They also get passed around and reach beyond the immediate audience.

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Creative, custom solutions

Every business is a little different, has requirements others might not. Our expertise allows us to make product recommendations based on your line of business and needs.


How we can help a business like yours

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Promotional Products

Chances are that you have received business promotional items or corporate gifts at some point in the past, and you probably already know them by one of their many nicknames — swag, giveaways, promos, logo gifts, and so many more. Business promotional items are generally used to commemorate and advertise company events, build brand awareness at conventions and trade shows, and strengthen business relationships during peak or slow times of the year. They can also be corporate gifts that are given to customers or employees to show appreciation, to generate interest, or simply to reward a job well done.

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Branded apparel is more than clothing. It can create a cohesive look for your team at work, in the community or on company outings. It can also make your customers walking billboards. The clothes we wear say a lot about what’s important to us and if someone wears your brand, they are saying they respect the work you do or the product you offer. Make a fashion statement with an investment in uniforms or branded apparel for your business.

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Print & Digital Marketing

Even in the era of email, text and targeted digital marketing, direct mail is still king in the marketing and marketing collateral space. Direct mail outperforms online display with a median ROI of 41%. We can help you create a multi-channel campaign that includes touchpoints across the spectrum of your prospective customers and targets the people you want to reach. Source: Infogroup


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Branded marketing products FAQs

What are your green initiatives?

Deluxe offers solutions that make it easy to go green. When you choose our printing services, you're saving the environment. Deluxe is an eco-friendly printing company, and we offer a choice of recycled paper stocks and vibrant soy-based inks. We have environmentally friendly printing facilities located on the East Coast, Western U.S. and in Chicago. We automatically print your order at the plant closest to you, which reduces the distance your printing products are shipped to drastically cut fossil fuel emissions. It also helps reduce your shipping time and expense. Our soy-based inks are kind to our environment, emitting fewer volatile organic compounds than traditional petroleum-based inks. 

Do you have eco-friendly products?

Our eco-friendly printed products include Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Response Cards, Brochures, Booklets, Sales Sheets, Newsletters, Calendars and more. Printing on recycled paper, soy-based inks and smart shipping all contribute to our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

Can you tell me more about branded merchandise programs?

We offer a variety of promotional items to promote and protect your brand ranging from mainstays such as apparel, print marketing, and retail packaging. Promotional items — such as personalized pens, coffee mugs, T-shirts, tote bags, and hand fans are imprinted with your logo or tagline and keep your brand top of mind with every use by your customer. Business promotional items, such as keychains, notebooks, plastic bags, are generally used to commemorate and advertise company events, build brand awareness, and strengthen business relationships during peak or slow times of the year. Customized gifts are often given to customers or employees to show appreciation, to generate interest, or simply to reward a job well done.