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Speed past the competition

Automotive businesses never lack for competition — there’s always another towing company, mechanic, body shop or dealership just around the corner. When customers have so many options to choose from, how can you steer them your way?

Look no further than your logo. In a glance, it tells customers who you are, what you do and why they should choose you. Your logo is the face of your business, and often the first contact a customer has with your operation. Not only does it need to impress at first look, but it also needs to be unique to you in the same way an automaker’s emblem is exclusively, unmistakably theirs.

What makes a strong automotive logo?

Consider your areas of expertise as an automotive business. Reliability, responsiveness and quality service are most likely crucial, but what sets you apart from the competition? Do you specialize in one type of service that you do exceptionally well, like tire replacement, luxury car detailing or aftermarket enhancements, for instance? Or do you provide something extra that your competitors down the street don’t, such as loyalty rewards or free pickups and returns?

Focusing on what your company excels at or performs better than the other guy narrows down what your logo needs to tell customers. Of course the design needs to look professionally done no matter what, but body shops don’t need to communicate the same message as truck rental companies do. The strongest logo is the one that instantly tells your customers and would-be customers everything they need to know so they want to get in touch with you.

Colors, typefaces and imagery all factor into the design. Again, the elements you use need to be appropriate to your business. A hauling company typically wouldn’t use a scripted font indicating elegance, and a luxury collision repair service probably wouldn’t opt for heavy block letters conveying brawny strength. Likewise, pastels are inappropriate for services tailored to muscle cars, and if you repair or replace windshields and glass, you won’t want a logo built around the image of a tire.

Why you need a professional design

Customers in need of your services rely on your professionalism and expertise. Think of your logo the same way. When you’re in need of graphic design services, why trust a friend, neighbor or employee without the background and expertise to make a successful design?

A professional design team, like the team at Deluxe, takes the time to understand your business, your goals and how you want to communicate about yourself to customers. With their years of experience, knowledge of best practices, and ability to distill a company’s services and values into an indelible symbol, they can provide you with the professional logo you need to keep customers coming back through the years. Don’t risk missing out on business because an unprofessional logo — or none at all — scared them away.

Keep your brand humming by using your logo everywhere

Deluxe logos are scalable, which means they’re eye-catching and effective at any size. After all, you’ll want to put it everywhere your customers can see it: on your website, storefront or repair shop, business cards, uniforms, hats, T-shirts, billing materials, social media, product lines, and more.

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Get a unique logo design that’s perfect for your business

Our experienced designers take the time to understand your business. They’ll craft an original logo that best represents your company on all channels — your website, business cards, letterhead, storefront and company vehicles, to name only a few. Each package includes multiple revisions so the final design is 100% perfect.

Ready to get started?

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Why Deluxe?

We know logo design

Get the perfect logo for your brand, whether you build it yourself or let us create one for you.

We champion small business

With a $300 loan and an idea, Deluxe got its start like many small businesses. We value entrepreneurship, and empower companies to grow.

We are trusted

4.5 million customers have put their faith in our products and services. We’ve been earning the trust of owners since 1915.

What our customers say about our work

Your services are nothing short of spectacular. From the beginning to the end the logo design team was on point. Very impressed with the way I gave very little info about my idea and they came up with exactly what I had in mind. They were always listening and patient when we had changes or concerns. That doesn't happen anymore with most other customer service. The people, the designs; everything was outstanding. This is no mediocre design team: this is the best. And that's why Preferred Field Service will always use Deluxe for all of our design needs.

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  • Joe Osteen JR

I found this process to be quick and easy. The logo created was very colorful and edgy. Just what we were looking for.

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  • Deborah Hilchey

The design of a mobile truck alignment service logo, website, and social media is a little more specialized. The Deluxe crew took the time to learn about my business, and made us look great.

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  • Mike Wetzel