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Three steps to creating your own beauty or cosmetics logo

1. Accent your best features. Start with a template that captures your standout service, and don’t be afraid to think outside the (makeup) box. Consider a template bearing an image that could stand alone or be scaled to fit multiple marketing materials of every size. No matter the template style you choose, leave white space to add a hint of elegance and keep your logo from looking overly done-up.

2. Let’s talk font. It can be tempting to simply plop any old text by your imagery, but remember that your font style should match the rest of the design. Don’t place thick, hard-to-read letters next to a simple icon of nail polish. Similarly, don’t make your logo illegible by putting black text over an image of a dark green tree. Keep in mind that you don’t need an overly swirly or cursive font, like Dancing Script or Griffy, to show elegance. Instead, try a simple font, like Arimo or MankSans.

3. Determine your color palette. For an all-natural brand, a palette of cool greens and warm golds may highlight the down-to-earth offerings, while a bridal makeup expert may choose more subdued pastels or traditional pinks to convey his or her style. Conversely, a cosmetics line targeting millennials or tweens might choose to focus on brighter, more eye-catching colors. Be sure to consider that your logo colors will inform the rest of your branding decisions, including your website, printed materials and more. So stick to one to two main colors in addition to black and white.

It’s showtime! You’ve carefully chosen the essentials and created your dream logo. Don’t keep such great work to yourself. Strut your stuff: Your attention to detail and ability to play with colors will impress current and future clients

Need Design Help?

The beauty industry has seen a boom over the past decade, but drawing that perfect winged cat eye can be near impossible for the makeup neophyte. Similarly, getting the perfect logo can be a challenge. If you need help with your design, the logo design team at Deluxe will work with your small business every step of the way, from conception to showstopping design.

Let your logo shine!

Once you have a look you love, be sure to share it! To spread brand awareness, put your design on everything from your website, emails and online store to your printed signs, business cards, makeup compacts, containers and more.

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Get a unique logo design that’s perfect for your business

Our experienced designers take the time to understand your business. They’ll craft an original logo that best represents your company on all channels — your website, business cards, letterhead, storefront and company vehicles, to name only a few. Each package includes multiple revisions so the final design is 100% perfect.

Ready to get started?

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Why Deluxe?

We know logo design

Get the perfect logo for your brand, whether you build it yourself or let us create one for you.

We champion small business

With a $300 loan and an idea, Deluxe got its start like many small businesses. We value entrepreneurship, and empower companies to grow.

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4.5 million customers have put their faith in our products and services. We’ve been earning the trust of owners since 1915.

What our customers say about our work

I have used other website designers, but none are in the class of Deluxe. Attention to detail, cost, and the final website is beyond compare to others. Only wished I found them sooner.

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  • William Rose

My website turned out to be everything that I expected and wanted. I have had all of my marketing and design services with Deluxe so far and have had nothing but good quality products, and great experiences with the team members.

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  • Ivan Miranda

Our experience with Deluxe was amazing! Since we had no experience creating a website or logo we had to count on the Deluxe team's knowledge to help us decide which designs would work better for our small business. Our website coordinator was awesome. She always answered our questions or if she didn't know directed us in the right direction. She has such enthusiasm and seems to have a real love for her job and it shows. We think that she was just as excited about launching the site as we were. When we received calls from her we felt that she really wanted to get to know us and our business, so the website reflected us and what we are trying to sell.

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  • Stephanie Mymka