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Bring in the green with a new logo

From eco-friendly salons and upcycled furniture retailers to organic restaurants, catering services and food manufacturers, the number of businesses focused on sustainability is at an all-time high. People who seek out green businesses aren’t just looking for top-notch products and services; they’re also mindful of the impact that those products and services have on the planet. As a business owner appealing to environmentally conscious consumers and attracting new customers who may be unaware of the benefits of minimizing their ecological footprint, you need to inspire trust in your brand. A strong logo has the power to build that trust while also demonstrating your commitment to ecologically responsible principles.

What makes a successful environmental or green business logo?

The perfect logo reflects your values and lets customers know who you are in an instant. Do you sell natural or locally grown food products? Are you an architect committed to green building? Your logo tells prospective customers your area of expertise and appeals to them through design elements like color, imagery and typography.

When you operate a green business, it seems only fitting to incorporate the color into your logo. Green symbolizes earth, freshness, health and renewal, and when used in branding, it can immediately alert potential customers to your eco-friendly practices. But by no means are you required to use the color. Warm, muted shades of orange, brown, tan, blue and yellow are also popular with ecologically focused businesses. Want to try something completely different? Concentrate on what makes your business unique, and choose colors tied to that differentiator. Sustainable clothing company Patagonia, for example, drew its blue, orange and black palette from the Patagonian skyline.

If you decide to include an image in your design, make sure it’s memorable, original and linked to your business’ story. Common symbols like leaves, trees, water and the earth may be an easy fit for your brand. But remember, this is your chance to show prospective customers who you really are, so be sure to add a unique spin to the imagery. Playing around with the negative space in your graphic, as the World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy have done, is a clever way to create an eye-catching visual.

Picking a font can be more challenging than you might think. With such a wide range of choices, it can be difficult to find one that’s perfect for your brand. To make the process a little easier, think about your organization’s personality and the message you want to communicate to customers or clients. Serif fonts convey a sense of tradition and authority, and could work well for green finance companies, environmental law firms, naturalist or conservation nonprofits and other businesses that need to demonstrate stability and responsibility. Sans serif fonts are viewed as modern and might benefit companies focused on innovation like renewable energy tech developers and solar panel installers. Before you make your final selection, make sure the text is legible — there shouldn’t be any confusion as to what your business’s name is.

Why you need a professional design

Your logo affects how consumers view your brand. If the design is mediocre or unappealing, people may associate those qualities with your business. Your business need a striking logo that entices people to reach out to you — and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you work with a professional designer. The experts at Deluxe will create a design for you that’s informed by research, a deep understanding of current trends and years of experience. After you’ve filled out a creative brief and explained your goals, a Deluxe logo specialist will work one-on-one with you to develop a graphic that tells your business’ story.

Put your logo where it looks best: everywhere

Your new logo will work everywhere you need it to. Whether it’s on business cards, billing materials, a website, social media, packaging, a vehicle or T-shirts, your design is guaranteed to be legible at every size.

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Get a unique logo design that’s perfect for your business

Our experienced designers take the time to understand your business. They’ll craft an original logo that best represents your company on all channels — your website, business cards, letterhead, storefront and company vehicles, to name only a few. Each package includes multiple revisions so the final design is 100% perfect.

Ready to get started?

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Get the perfect logo for your brand, whether you build it yourself or let us create one for you.

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What our customers say about our work

I wanted the perfect logo for my company and I had an idea in mind and your team was able to make that idea into reality. As the process progressed my idea started to change and evolve. The team really listened to what I was saying and was willing to always accommodate my requests. Never once did they make me feel I was a bother or that I was asking for too much. The artists, graphic designers, coordinators, receptionist, every single person I dealt with was absolutely amazing. They made me feel assured that they were there to help and always accommodated me. They way they treated me, handled my project and their skills as designers are all perfection, and I am happy to been fortunate enough to find such a great company for me and my business.

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  • Eric Morris Jr

I'm old so I'm old school and I guess I was a little nervous about it. But I'm on board! I am the biggest fan. I think it's great and its really helpful for us. I like that it is simple. You set it up once and it's easy to do.

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