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Make mouths water with irresistible branding

In the food and drink industry, it’s not just what you serve that needs to be eye-catching and memorable. A professionally designed, custom logo is a must when it comes to enticing patrons into your establishment or selling your unique treats or beverages. Dining decisions are often made on the spur of the moment. A strong logo ensures that your establishment or company is top-of-mind when it comes to mealtime.

What makes a successful food and drink business logo?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a vintner, drive a food truck, or operate a coffeehouse or cafe; the best logo for your business — that is, a logo that tells people who you are at a glance — will be a thoughtful mix of elements like color and imagery.

It’s crucial that you love your logo’s color scheme. After all, you’ll be using these colors in all of your marketing materials. But the colors should be more than just visually appealing: They need to be an extension of your business’s personality and mission. Within the food and beverage industry, red and orange are popular because they’re said to stimulate appetite and thirst, respectively. But you may want to use a color that is linked more closely to the type of business that you operate. Do you manufacture organic food or sell smoothies and other health-conscious treats? If so, green, which evokes nature and freshness, is perfect. Purple implies sophistication and royalty, and could be the right fit for a gourmet catering service. Whichever colors you choose, remember that they should help tell your business’s story.

You don’t have to include an icon in your logo. A simple wordmark can be just as powerful and creative as an illustrated symbol. But if you do choose to go the iconographic route, it’s particularly important in the food and drink industry that your imagery is unique. Just think — an ice cream parlor with a basic ice cream graphic is less likely to stand out amongst a sea of similar shops. Adding a clever twist to a common image can be a challenge, but there are infinite ways that you can tackle that problem. One tried and true approach is abstraction. If you own a bakery, it’s perfectly fine to have a cupcake in your design, but one that is made entirely of swirling lines or simple shapes that hint at the idea of cupcakes may be more memorable. As with every element of the design, be creative while staying true to your brand’s voice.

Why professional logo design?

Your logo is one of the most important marketing tools in your business’s toolkit. Having it created by an expert is surefire way to ensure that it looks professional and represents your business perfectly. Our in-house experts have provided logos for a wide variety of food and drink companies, from yogurt shoppes to farms, and have a firm understanding of best practices for your industry. At Deluxe, you will work with these experts to develop a personalized emblem that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Put your logo where it looks best: everywhere

Your design is guaranteed to be attractive and legible at any size. This means that once you get your new logo, you’ll be able to put it anywhere you’d like: menus, packaging labels, your website, social media, banners, T-shirts and more.
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Get a unique logo design that’s perfect for your business

Our experienced designers take the time to understand your business. They’ll craft an original logo that best represents your company on all channels — your website, business cards, letterhead, storefront and company vehicles, to name only a few. Each package includes multiple revisions so the final design is 100% perfect.

Ready to get started?

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Why Deluxe?

We know logo design

Get the perfect logo for your brand, whether you build it yourself or let us create one for you.

We champion small business

With a $300 loan and an idea, Deluxe got its start like many small businesses. We value entrepreneurship, and empower companies to grow.

We are trusted

4.5 million customers have put their faith in our products and services. We’ve been earning the trust of owners since 1915.


What our customers say about our work

I am very pleased with the logo designed just for me and my business. I wanted something elegant (because I do a lot of formal events) but yet playful (because I do a lot of fun festival events), so it all tied together just as I imagined. I would definitely refer a friend. The customer service has been absolutely remarkable and worked in a timely manner. The team that has been working with me has been very nice, efficient, and very professional. The logo produced was what I wanted and it didn’t take three or four weeks to develop.

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  • Rhonda Blakeney

Thank you, Deluxe, for capturing my vision and designing my logo just the way I envisioned! The staff was helpful, answered my questions, and replied very fast. Felt very connected with everyone. Really impressed and satisfied with the result.

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  • Jessica Salgado

The logo I received from Deluxe was exactly what I was looking for. I can see things in my mind but being able to express them to someone else is trying. Deluxe was able to take the design I had in my mind and make the perfect logo for me.

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  • Tammy Swadley