Business Checklist

Set your business on a foundation of rock-solid customer relationships

  1. Communicate regularly

    A customer relationship is like any other relationship — if you don't nurture it or show your appreciation, it won't last long. Reach out to your customers with rewards, and give them a reason to engage.

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  2. Manage your online reputation

    According to recent studies, online reviews influence the purchasing decisions for more than 90% of consumers. To maintain or build a positive brand image, it's critical that you analyze and respond to reviews in a timely fashion.

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  3. Reach customers at the right time

    Proactively meet your customers' needs. Make sure your business shows up in online searches when they look for the products or services you offer. Work with a search engine professional to lift your search results and connect with your target audience.

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  4. Collect customer insights

    Stand out with campaigns that feel relevant to your customers. Convert prospects when they’re ready to buy with a industry-leading data and analytics.

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