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Protecting My Business

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Protect your business for the new normal

As you move your business into the new normal, you may need new solutions that range from fraud prevention to touchless solutions or new methods to grow your business. From pretending to be someone you trust to using intimidation and fear, scammers are constantly trying to find small businesses on whom to prey. Scams include government check, business email, IT,  supply and data hijacking scams. Due to these concerns, there’s no time like the present to protect your company from rising cyberattacks and fraud.

No matter the size, all businesses should always utilize high-security checks, with safety features embedded within the check to minimize the chance of fraud. Should your business become the victim of fraudulent activity, business identity restoration services and dark web monitoring are two ways to help your business recover and be less likely to fall victim of many types of scams in the future.


We Can Help

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High Security Checks

With check fraud on the rise, look to high security checks to protect your payments. We embed multiple safety features within the check, all working to minimize the chance of fraud. Choose from traditional High Security Manual Business Checks or Laser Business Checks.

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EZShield Business Identity Restoration®

In the event of identity theft, our award-winning Resolution Specialists will work with you and your business to correct any and all records which identify the fraudulent transactions associated with the Identity Theft Event.

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Business Dark Web Monitoring

We help address potential fraud and misuse sooner so that it doesn’t become a bigger problem. We provide helpful tips about securing your identity with each alert so that you can take immediate action. If you experience any further issues with the alert, dedicated 1-on-1 support from our Resolution Center is always just one call away.

Deluxe Payment Exchange

Deluxe Payment Exchange

Convert paper payment processes to digital so that you can prepare your business for any future disruptions.

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Deluxe Point of Sale Solutions

Reduce risk by using new point-of-sale devices that allow touchless payments by your customers.

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Get legally binding documents signed even while practicing social distancing. Signing and sending documents has never been easier.  Deluxe eSignature provides a legally binding solution for signing documents online.  Makes important business transactions such as contracting, invoicing, and hiring entirely digital. 

MyCorp Document Storage

MyCorp Document Storage

Wouldn't it be nice if you could access your important business documents from anywhere you have Internet access?  MyCorpVault provides all of the tools you need for maintaining and organizing your business documents, all in one place.

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Asked and answered for you

At Deluxe, we don’t just offer products and solutions to help you protect your business. We can also provide much needed intelligence based on what your fellow small business owners are wondering about in similar situations. Asking smart questions challenges us to find smart answers about how to keep your business safe from all forms of threat.


Protecting My Business

How do I protect my business from check fraud?

With check fraud on the rise, many businesses look to high-security checks to protect their payments. Deluxe offers the most secure High Security checks available, trusted by 7,000 financial institutions nationwide and compatible with most software applications.

My business identity has been compromised. What do I do to recover?

In the event of identity theft, our award-winning Resolution Specialists will work with you and your business to correct any and all records which identify the fraudulent transactions associated with the Identity Theft Event.  EZShield Business Identity Restoration® can help you recover and completely restore your business’ good name.

Is there a way to reduce the chance of my business being targeted?

Keep your business, financial and personal information safer, and stay one step ahead of identity thieves, by deploying Business Dark Web Monitoring for your company.  This powerful system scans thousands of illegal websites, chatrooms and forums for instances where your business information could be illegally sold or traded on the Dark Web and will alert and help your business avoid potential ongoing fraud and misuse.

Preparing for the Future

How can I be ready for the next crisis?

Not every business can operate remotely but if yours can, we can help. With digital payment options and cloud solutions like Online Fax and eSignature, conducting business from home has never been easier. For those who rely on a brick-and-mortar location, we offer touchless POS systems.

How do I switch from paper to digital payments?

Deluxe Payment Exchange gives you an option for sending payments digitally for instant delivery and no need to touch paper or use USPS services. We can also help you move from selling in-store to selling online or taking payments while on-the-go. Clover Go is our mobile point-of-sale device that allows you to accept payments while on-the-go.

How can I accept digital payments?

For more robust online sales help, we can help you utilize Merchant Services that provides you with the Clover hardware you need to accept payments on-the-go as you pivot from in-store to delivery sales, as well as Deluxe Payment Exchange which allows you to send digital payments to your vendors from anywhere.


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