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Leadership starts with access to the right information which you use to make intelligent decisions and drive culture. And you can’t afford to spend all your time manually seeking out this information. You need fast and efficient access.

Watch and learn how this tool can help you:

  •  Access the data you need
  • Quickly drive growth
  • Boldly create and influence culture
Basis Point Calculator
Banker's Dashboard clients see an average lift of 20-30 basis points in Net Interest Margin (NIM) over a 12-quarter period while using our tool. While we can't guarantee results, most of our clients see enough improvement in NIM in year one to completely pay for Banker's Dashboard. So what is a basis point worth to you?
Enter your earning asset size:
Your Projected 5-Year Cumulative Net Interest Impact to Income:
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Total Impact to Net Interest Income
Earning Assets Cumulative NIM Improvement Total Impact to Net Interest Income
Year 1 0.01%
Year 2 0.02%
Year 3 0.03%
Year 4 0.04%
Year 5 0.05%


Make data-driven decisions

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Improve Net Interest Margin

You could see an average lift in Net Interest Margin of 20-30 basis points over a 12-quarter period while using our tool.

Fast and accurate

Performance Management Culture

Gain full transparency into the daily, weekly, or monthly performance of each branch, and enable leaders to collaborate and share accountability.

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Seamless Implementation

Get connected in as few as 8-12 weeks as a result of Deluxe’s relationship with all the major core providers.

Accuracy and Acceleration

Accuracy and Acceleration

Reduce potential errors and the amount of time needed to deliver key data to run your financial institution.


Daily, online access to your total financial picture

Tools to drive performance

We built the Dashboard to help bank and credit union leaders get access to the important data they need to make the right decisions to win respective markets.

Daily financial picture

Proactively manage your bank's performance every single day, all the way to the branch and officer level. With this type of visibility, you can make timely decisions to change behavior and improve bottom-line results. Built-in forecasting and budgeting.

Create needed transparency

Provide your front-line decision makers with the information required to make data-driven decisions. By giving them access to Dashboard, they can gain access to your financial goals and make informed determinations.

Unlimited forecasting scenarios

Bring added integrity to your rolling forecast by modeling your institution's performance against changing variables. Use our forecasting capability tool to input assumptions, such as those related to interest rates, and see immediately how these factors affect future performance.

Get equipped for the board

We’ve built Banker’s Dashboard to help you find and deliver important data for examiners and/or your board of directors. Provide detailed board reports and projection plans directly from the Dashboard to satisfy their expectations.

The “net-net” on net interest margin

See what contributes to the margin, track trends, identify issues that need attention, and effectively manage your margin going forward.

Compare branch performance

Measure and compare how each branch performs, giving you the insights you need to institute best practices and hold each branch accountable for better results. This will help you drive messaging around performance management.

Create structure and discipline around loan pricing

Use the pricing model with your historical cost of funds to help you drive your target ROE. Putting this tool in the hands of your lenders will make them better negotiators and help all stakeholders understand the impacts of pricing decisions.

Banker's Dashboard

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FI Testimonials

What our customers say about the dashboard

“Our management team accesses [Banker’s Dashboard] weekly, and our branch managers use it for regular performance reports. Banker’s Dashboard has become an indispensable part of our budgeting process.”

  • Mike Thompson

    Market President , Tensas, Cross Keys Bank

“With our legacy system, we had lots of duplicate data entry. Now things fill in automatically and we save hours and hours of time. Everything I need is accurate, up to date and at our fingertips.”

  • Tammy Blawat

    Chief Financial Officer , Border Bank

“Our CEO and senior executives can’t stop talking about how smoothly the budgeting process went. Our budget is more of a living budget now. We can work with it without going through reams and reams of paper.”

  • Marnie Hermann

    Chief Banking Officer , Security First Bank

A Case Study

It worked for them

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Hidden gems from a seasoned user

After a decade of using Banker’s Dashboard, Bob Koncerak, EVP/COO-CFO of American Commerce Bank is still discovering things the tool can do for him and his team.