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Benefits administration on the Deluxe People Platform is easy and intuitive

Whether you need help managing your existing benefits administration program, or if you need to initiate one, Deluxe Payroll offers you a complete, automated benefits administration solution integrated into an easy-to-use payroll system.

Easy to Use Employee Benefits Administration

Designed with healthcare providers, HR managers, benefits brokers, benefits administrators, tax professionals and employees in mind — the Deluxe Payroll benefits administration platform is easy and intuitive. Empowering employees to make informed decisions about their benefits through seamless payroll integration, it also reduces errors and ensures that accurate data is provided to all parties.

Benefits Administration for a Competitive, Compliant Business

In today’s competitive hiring environment, attracting and retaining employees depends on how well you provide and properly administrate employee benefits.  Here’s the kind of help you can expect when you take advantage of Deluxe Payroll’s Employee Benefits Administration solution:

Benefits at a Glance

Our dashboard gives you:

  • Detailed summaries of benefit utilization
  • Projected carrier invoice amounts
  • Employee enrollment
  • Demographic changes
  • New hire & open enrollment election progress reports

Plan Configuration Support

  • Our step-by-step process simplifies plan set-up
  •  A validation feature then reviews the plan
  •  Missing information and conflicts are identified
  • Any necessary adjustments can be made
  •  Validated plan is then made available to employees

Flexibility for Groups of All Shapes and Sizes

Our platform offers:

  • The ability to support any size group
  • Detailed, customizable employee organization
  • Views of rates, contributions and benefit amounts
  • Customization based on employee information

Employee Empowerment via an Intuitive System

With complete control of open enrollment, you can:

  • Set the date range for election changes
  • Schedule announcement emails to employees
  • Track employee progress throughout

Open Enrollment Your Way

The platform’s self-service model lets employees:

  • Manage their own benefit elections
  • Easily view cost & plan information
  • Take their time reviewing the portal’s resources
  • Make more informed coverage decisions

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