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Introducing EZ IRA*

Using our simple, automatic payroll deductions, offered in partnership with Legg Mason, EZ IRA makes it possible for every business-no matter how big or small - to offer a retirement benefit that attracts and retains valued employees.

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Employer Benefits

  • No employer contributions required
  • One-time $100 fee, no employee charges
  • No Department of Labor oversight or testing required
  • No 5500 form filing requirements or fiduciary liability
  • No participation requirements
  • Access to financial advisors to assist with implementation
  • Available to any size business
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Employee Benefits

  • Easy 3-step enrollment
  • Automatic payroll deductions
  • Choice of traditional or Roth IRA
  • Dedicated retirement savings managed by Legg Mason
  • 24/7 access to real-time account information
  • Prior rollover plans accepted
  • 100% employee-owned and portable
  • Access to financial advisors to assist with investment selections
  • Multiple investment options: open architecture, multi-fund family and private money management

How It Works

  • Simply enroll your business in the Deluxe Payroll EZ IRA program—Deluxe Payroll does all the set up.
  • Each eligible employee must complete the EZ IRA application and agreement. Employees can select how much they wish to deduct from their payroll, and whether they wish to set up a traditional or Roth IRA (based on eligibility and personal choice).
  • Each payroll period, Deluxe Payroll will automatically withhold each employee’s authorized payroll deduction and transmit the funds into the employee’s IRA.
  • Each employee is responsible for managing how his or her funds are invested/ allocated, and paying the small, annual maintenance and administrative fees.

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