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Why should I trust Deluxe with my payroll?

For over 100 years, Deluxe has been a trusted partner to our now over 4.8 million active small business customers.  For nearly 40 of those years, Deluxe Payroll has been offering businesses on-time and accurate services along with exceptional customer service. Our representatives are well trained and responsive to help you with all of your payroll needs.

How much does this service cost?

When factoring in the convenience, ease, and security you can count on from Deluxe Payroll, our service costs could be a fraction of those associated with processing payroll in-house. We have many levels of service packages available and can design a package to fit your payroll requirements.

Can I try the service first - See how I like it?

In order to completely eliminate any risk to you and your company, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Try our services, and within the first 90 days, if you are not completely satisfied, you can walk away, no questions asked. 

What types of businesses do you service?

We service all businesses including restaurants, contractors, healthcare, services and any small business.  Have unique needs?  We are here to help with a solution that will work for your unique business.


How are my employees paid?

Our payroll services provide four options that fit both your company and your employee needs including direct deposit and payroll debit cards.  If you prefer, check printing options are also available.  Learn more about Payroll services



How do my employees get their paystubs?

Employees have access to a self-service portal that allows them to view and print current as well as previous pay stubs that have been processed through Deluxe Payroll.  They can also access HR documents, change profile information, request time off and manage direct deposit profile. Learn More about Employee Portal

What reports do I get?

MyPayCenter enables you to quickly run and print standard reports including payroll summaries, prior employee pay stubs, and customized reports to give you the information you need.  Learn more about Payroll Reports

Can I see a demo of the site?

Deluxe Payroll Specialists are available to show you a demo.  Please provide your company details and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Payroll Specific How To's

What do I do if I made a mistake when processing payroll?

Our trained customer service specialists will be glad to help you with any issues. We can re-run or make a change, issue another payment, we can fix anything that might go wrong.

Can I pay my employees bonus?

Yes, you can pay bonuses anytime you choose by simply entering it in the payroll grid. 

How do the hours get posted if I have at timecard system?

We can integrate with many time and attendance systems. We also have a time and attendance system that you can use with robust features like facial recognition and geographical tracking as well as schedule changes and time off requests

What if some of my employees are contractors?

We can pay contractors as well and supply a 1099 at the end of the year. 

Do you provide W2’s at the end of the year?

Yes, we have a full tax service that provides W2’s and 1099’s at the end of the calendar year.