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Everything you need for payroll—minus the paper that you don’t.

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Reshape how you run payroll. Easily switch to Deluxe Payroll Solutions for your payroll processing. Some features include:

  • Full-service payroll and tax filings for any state
  • W-2 and 1099 filing
  • W-4 and new-hire filing
  • Zero-down workers' compensation solution, garnishment payment service and more
  • Essential or full HR functions depending on package

Here's how it works with Deluxe HR Solutions

Deluxe Payroll provides your business with an industry-leading payroll software in a comprehensive solution. You have the ability to run payroll seamlessly with our modern HR Solutions + Payroll services powered by the Deluxe People Platform. Learn more features and benefits below.


Automated payroll solutions made for your business

Save your time. We’ll take it from here.

Effortless payroll services set-up icon

Effortless payroll services set-up

From employee information to direct deposit, W-4 withholdings, and benefit enrollment deductions, our onboarding software will collect everything you need to set-up payroll.

Worry-free time tracking & paycheck calculations icon

Worry-free time tracking & paycheck calculations

Employee work hours and paid time off automatically tracked in payroll with wages calculated accordingly.

Detailed payroll reporting  icon

Detailed payroll reporting

Fire it up in one click. See payroll deductions or spending breakdowns quickly and easily.


HR & Payroll services are better together

Set up new hires quickly

Automate and assign onboarding tasks, get digital signatures early, and with our simplified benefits add-on, start offering enrollment completely online. 

Sync changes between HR, benefits and payroll

Any change made for an employee from personal details to compensation go seamlessly from manual to automated, capturing every modification instantly. 

Get detailed payroll reporting

Create custom fields and report on them from an intuitive, all-in-one platform.

Automate final paycheck calculations

No more scrambling around for the final paycheck. Easily access and calculate prorated wages, time-off liabilities, and benefit deductions.

Timesheets, PTO and paid leave

Double-checking work hours and totaling up PTO is a thing of the past with our add-on that syncs timesheets, vacation and paid leave automatically in a comprehensive platform.

What's included in your HR & Payroll packages

  1. employer portal

    The Payroll Package

    The Lite plan combines the Deluxe Payroll service or your current provider with Essential HR features, all in one easy-to-use bundle.

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  2. employee portal

    The HR Package

    Already have a payroll provider you're happy with? No problem! The Blended package works with your current payroll solution to give you everything you need to run HR, onboard new hires and digitally support your time.

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  3. payroll taxes

    The All-Access Package

    Get it all in one affordable package! The Works combines Deluxe Payroll with Deluxe HR Solutions to give you one powerful, people-centric solution for any size of business. Features include everything you get with our Lite and Blended packages.

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