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Deposit paychecks quickly, securely and instantly

With Deluxe Payroll, your employees can elect to have their paycheck deposited directly into a bank account rather than receiving a physical, paper check.  By setting up direct deposit, their net pay is electronically transferred into the bank or banks of their choice.  These funds are available immediately on the pay date.  While the funds are deposited directly into the employee account(s) the employees’ paystubs have an itemized listing of all paycheck details.  


Direct Deposit vs. paper checks


  • Funds deposited directly into the employee’s bank account or accounts and available immediately on their pay date
  • Employees paystubs will show an itemized listing of their wage, taxes and voluntary deductions 
  • Employees sick, out of town or on vacation do not need to come into the office for their check
  • Cannot be lost, stolen or misplaced like a paper check



  • No longer required to print, stuff, and distribute checks to employees
  • No risk of providing a paycheck to the wrong employee
  • Tedious check reconciliation task eliminated
  • Eliminated the time and expense of reissuing of lost, stolen or misplaced checks

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