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Case Study : Enterprise

Company uses digital payment solution for off-cycle payroll

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Alight Solutions is an international cloud-based provider of integrated digital human capital and business solutions. The company’s current network of 15,000 dedicated colleagues serves more than 30 million employees and family members. Alight offers various payroll options to their customers, including traditional paper check, direct deposit and employee self-service through their payroll portal.

The Challenge

Most states regulate when employers pay terminated employees their final paychecks; some even requiring immediate or next-day payment. For companies that mail paper checks, they are financially at risk for late fees and potential legal costs if they are unable to make those payments in time.

Studies show offering non-traditional payroll options is a differentiator that can attract top talent from competitors as well as remove the pain points of payment processing. Alight needed a safe, secure payments solution to deliver those off-cycle payroll payments to employees — for terminations, payroll changes or new hires — within the regulated time set by each state. By using DPX, digital payments can be sent directly to the payee on the same day and without the increased risk of physical fraud or lost deliveries.

The Solution

In partnership with Deluxe, Alight Solutions began offering Deluxe Payment Exchange eChecks and Deposit Services to their clients. “It’s a simple, easy email to the payee and then they can choose to print an eCheck or use Deposit Services. A lot of concerns with either the speed, the risk or the cost just go away,” says Rebecca Schottie, Alight’s director of Americas Payroll, HR and Financial Solutions.

By using a digital payment solution, Alight has been able to eliminate many speed-to-pay and risk issues that resulted from mailing traditional paper checks. The company also saves money by eliminating the added cost of printing paper checks by switching to eChecks. 

It’s a great journey that we’re on with our clients. It’s a great conversation to start with ‘We have a new way of getting people paid a little bit faster for you.’

  • Rebecca Schottie

Schottie says Alight’s clients, especially those located in immediate final pay states, have been quick to adopt the Deluxe Payment Exchange eChecks and Deposit Services for their own payroll systems. “It’s a great journey that we’re on with our clients. It’s a great conversation to start with ‘We have a new way of getting people paid a little bit faster for you.’”

Business Impact 

The company no longer needs to factor in wait times, or fees, for traditional paper checks when sending final or adjusted paychecks. “We can now process that payroll check for that individual and have it emailed to the HR manager to deliver to that employee, or it can go straight to the employee themselves,” says Schottie.

Alight has added 10 to 15 clients since they began using Deluxe Payment Exchange as a solution for off-cycle payroll payments. “It’s broadening the spectrum of the ability to give people their pay sooner with a faster, more reliable avenue,” Schottie adds. “Overall, it’s been great, and people are adapting to that more and more—especially as our generation of employees are young, smart and want to be paid quickly.”