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Popular Check Styles

Looking for your favorite check designs & features? You've come to the right place.

Find the checks that fit your needs right here, at Deluxe. With styles like Antique, Parchment, Sterling Gentry, Herringbone and more to choose from, as well as your choice of colors and fonts to complement your style, your perfect check is just a click away.

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Manual Checks

Manual checks

Three-on-a-page, one-write systems, deskbooks and more, our manual checks exceed industry guidelines when it comes to security.

Laser Checks

Laser checks

Guaranteed to work with 100% of today's popular accounting software programs.

Continuous Checks

Continuous checks

Continuous bottom or top checks make check printing fast and easy and come in a variety of looks and colors.

High Security Checks

High Security Checks

Twenty-two advanced security features help prevent reproduction by copiers or scanners and alert you to tampering.

Starter Kits

Starter Kits

Invoices, envelopes, checks — get it all in one smart package with one of our many starter kits.

Personal Checks

Looking for personal checks? Find designs from Disney, NASCAR®, Harley-Davidson® & more — add symbols or a monogram to your checks, too!

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Sample Designs

Sterling Gentry

Green Marble




American Spirit



Additional Styles Available.
Styles may vary by check format.