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Deluxe Business Advantage makes it easy to get checks into the hands of your new business accounts. OrderPro, our in-branch online ordering site, is a quick and convenient ordering option for your financial institution. In the event your customer is not ready to order, Referral Express lets you send us their information and we'll contact them within 24 hours to get their order. We can even take phone orders from your branch or directly from the customers.

Ordering Best Practices

  • Video: Business Check Ordering Best Practices

    Animated & fun training video for frontline staff who place business check orders. Highlights the importance of business checks, the value a check order drives for the customer and your institution, and how Deluxe makes it easy to get customers the products and services they need.

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    Please note: Video access may be blocked by your institution.

  • Flashcard: Business Check Ordering Best Practices

    A go-to reference tool for branch personnel placing business check orders. Highlights business check ordering options, best practices, and Deluxe contact information.

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  • Video: Bank Promotions & Waives

    Animated, short training video highlighting the importance of securing a check order for every new business customer. Focuses on how bank funded promotion discounts can help ensure new accounts are set up with the right checks for their new account.

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    Please note: Video access may be blocked by your institution.

  • Video: The QuickPick IntroPack

    The QuickPick intropack is a highly discounted package of products exclusive to business customers of DBA financial institutions. Use this video to show branch staff how easy it is to get customers everything they need to start making payments and deposits with their new account.

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    Please note: Video access may be blocked by your institution.


  • Presentation: An Introduction to OrderPro

    Watch our brief tutorial to learn about OrderPro and how to navigate the ordering site.

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  • Presentation: Using OrderPro

    This tutorial includes a catalog of short videos designed to provide information on order search, placing orders, creating imprints and more.

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  • How-To Guides:

    Learn the basic steps needed to Order and reorder products for business customers.

    › Download New Order Guide › Download Reorder Guide
  • Presentation: 5 Common Ordering Scenarios

    This tutorial walks you through five typical ordering scenarios, from start to finish, giving you a complete overview of the ordering process.

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  • Guide: New Business Account

    This product guide features our most popular checking products and should be given to each business referred to Deluxe before they leave your branch.

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