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Our passion for performance gives you a competitive edge

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Whether you’re looking for a full-service, end-to-end campaign or something more specific that your team isn’t equipped for, we’ll help deliver an exceptional, omnichannel solution.

Our powerful insights come from our rigorous test-and-learn methodology that ensures each campaign resonates with the target audience, effectively addressing benefits and barriers, and giving the audience compelling reasons to take action.


Powerful campaigns that perform at the highest level

With decades of experience, our campaign managers analyze every aspect of your business to provide you with the perfect campaign.

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Powerful creative

Unique insights ensure that each campaign resonates with the target audience, effectively addressing benefits and barriers, and giving customers compelling reasons to take action.

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Passionate reporting

We rigorously analyze every campaign to accurately identify who responds and who doesn't. We do this by isolating campaign impact to create accurate response attribution across all channels.

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Results driven

Our consumer and small business direct mail campaigns consistently produce, on a net-of-control basis, at least a 500% return on investment with a payback of less than six months.

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With over 100 years of serving enterprises, small businesses, and financial institutions, our data-driven marketing team is trusted by 21 of the top 35 banks in the United States, as well as the leaders in the retail, telecom, insurance, and travel industries


Campaign solutions built for your business

We create exceptional omnichannel campaigns that tap into our exhaustive consumer and business data libraries, proprietary data attributes and dynamic, AI-powered predictive models.

We are so confident in our ability to deliver performance that we offer a pay-for-performance model where you only pay when we deliver.

We are fiercely committed to measurable and attributable channels that deliver best-in-class ROI. Our clients to return to us because we prove our value again and again.

Full-service support for data-backed campaigns

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Strategic Campaign Design and Consulting 

Our in-house national database provides you with the best demographic, firmographic, and credit data available. You’ll also get forecasting, promotional strategies, management and more.

Segmentations and Data Management 

Deluxe uses custom next best product models & segmentation builds, customer monitoring services, data appends and opportunity analytics.

Creative Strategy and Development 

We derive powerful insights from our continuous market research with consumers and small businesses and provide digital and UX strategy, full studio services and more.


We take the risk, you reap the rewards

Together we plan the campaign strategy, creative design (using your unique brand guidelines), targeting criteria and overall channel approach to come up with the perfect marketing strategy for your business. We pay all the upfront costs including the data, creative design, channel execution, and our professional fees and you pay on a cost-per-funded account once the campaign is launched.


Connect campaign solutions with other products

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    Prescreen Data

    Get into market faster than your competition with credit data that covers more than 250 million consumers throughout the United States

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    Consumer Marketing Data

    Gain access to the insights you need to better manage audiences, personalize customer experience across channels and create more profitable customer relationships.

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    Proprietary Data Assets

    Know more about your customers and prospects spending and saving habits before you communicate so you can always build the right messaging for the right people.


Data-Driven Marketing Solutions

Use data to reach your ideal customers faster

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“The Deluxe team is always ready to help and quick to execute. They are friendly, knowledgeable and respond in a timely manner”.

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“Everything about your approach has benefited our business. Your data analytics is second to none. Your quality of service and attention to details is unbelievable.”

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“My partners make the process smooth and easy and work hard to deliver promptly with great background and detail to support my requests and strategies.”

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Campaign Solutions FAQ

Why should I use a marketing agency?

Marketing agencies help their clients create and implement successful marketing strategies that acquire new customers or retain and grow your existing customers. They start by working to understand the unique challenges your company is facing and then work with you to put together a strategy to solve those unique issues. Great data-driven agencies support your strategic campaign design, audience selection; segmentation and data management; creative strategy and development; campaign production and deployment, as well as ROI and attribution.

What does a good marketing campaign include?

A great marketing campaign has several key elements that will help to shape the success of the campaign. These elements include:

1. The strategic campaign design process to uncover goals and objectives. 

2. Audience selection process to identify the key targets and the available data to target consumers or businesses. 

3.  A creative strategy to craft key messages and benefits as well as how you will communicate the messaging. Once this is in place, you move into production and deployment. For some campaigns, like trigger campaigns, speed and agility are key to success of the campaign. 

4. ROI and marketing attribution help you understand the campaign’s success.

What is a marketing attribution model?

An attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths. Examples would include first-touch, last-touch or linear attribution.

 A custom attribution model considers a company's unique product offerings and sales pipeline. A good marketing attribution model will help you optimize your marketing spend, increase ROI, improve personalization and enhance your creative. 

Why is marketing attribution so hard?

Attribution can be so hard to get "right" for a variety of reasons. Especially, when there isn’t a direct path to purchase (i.e., online purchase). There are a variety of biases that can make measuring attribution more difficult. 

For example, in-market bias plays a role in making attribution difficult. Consumers may already be in the market to buy a product regardless of marketing reaching out to them. Aligning marketing, sales and product on attribution is a major challenge for marketers.  A data-driven agency can help build out a strong attribution model to help measure the impact of work for your company.