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Boost business by reaching and keeping the right customers.

Industry-Leading Analytics

Retain Your Best Customers

Easily monitor current customers to see who’s actively or passively considering a personal loan so you can be the first to put a timely offer in front of them.

Industry-Leading Analytics

Grow Your Current Customer Base

Do your current customers know you offer personal loans? We can help you identify and educate potential borrowers.

Increase-Leading Analytics

Acquire New Customers

Using the best data, we’ll help you identify people currently looking for a lender or those who may be looking in the future.


See the Deluxe difference

Over 60% of borrowers take out a personal loan to consolidate debt or refinance credit cards.

Reach the most qualified consumers first with the right messaging and best offers by utilizing the most accurate data on the market. 

Execute with the Right Campaign Strategy

Our premium end-to-end, multichannel solution includes data management, modeling, fulfillment and back-end analytics to help you reach prospects with the best message.

Target the Best Prospects

Refine your search results from over 210 million records by using specific attributes including geography, demographics, credit and behavior. 

Utilize Industry-Leading Analytics

Our team of data scientists can segment your portfolio, analyze your current campaigns, build customized ranking algorithms and run custom analytics to find your best marketing approach.

Benefit from Our Experience

With decades of experience helping lenders build high-performing campaigns,  we know the lending market.

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