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Make better marketing decisions and increase revenue faster

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With better access to the important insights your need for effective market analysis, segmentation, and modelling, you’ll be able to make better marketing decisions and ultimately increase revenue faster with more efficient marketing.

Deluxe has been collecting actionable data on consumers for decades. Credit data, demographic data, homeowner data, even transactional data. You name it, we’ll have or find a way to get it.


Get the data you need to make a difference

Our goal is to give you the best data available, so you make the best decisions possible. Here’s how we do that.


Easy-to-use platform

Do it yourself or have us do the work, our platform, Intelidata Express makes it easy to get access to the data you need to power your campaigns.

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We have all the data you need in one place: Homeowner, pre-mover, demographic, behavioral, transactional, and more.


Unique solutions

Our data science team is constantly looking for new ways to use our data to help clients reach clients faster, with greater precision.


Consolidated data assets

Our data comes from about 10 different, unique providers to create one clean dataset with data on over 260 million consumers.


Consumer Marketing by the numbers

100 million

Our database covers more than 100 million U.S. households.

260 million

That’s more than 260 million individual consumers.


Our data-driven marketing business unit has been doing helping businesses like yours drive business and increase ROI since 1997.


Save time and money by eliminating single-service relationships

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From orchestration to data standardization to multiple contracts, we’ll help you eliminate those cumbersome single-service relationships. You’ll get:

Provider standardization and orchestration: We can eliminate your single-service relationships and bundle them for ease and efficiency.

Consolidated data assets: Our attributes span the mortgage, auto and personal loan industries, giving you consumer marketing data from more than 260 million U.S. consumers.

Intelidata Express: Our proprietary, automated SaaS platform brings together all our data assets — standardized and cleaned — to ensure you get the best possible data records.


More data so you can make more informed marketing decisions

We cover every key data type for you, including:

  • Demographic data that includes age, gender, income, home value and more.
  • Geographic data specifying where consumers live by zip code, HUD/VA limits and more.
  • Homeowner data on tax assessor, deed AVM and more for over 100+ million households.
  • Property data including master address, lien and pre-foreclosure information.
  • Purchase behavior showing how consumers spend.
  • Contact information including phone, email, address and more.
  • Veteran indicator letting you know if someone is a veteran.

Packages and Solutions

Discover everything we can do to help drive your business

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    Marketing trigger data

    Grow existing relationships and locate new ones by connecting with consumers and businesses making important purchase decisions.

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    Full-service campaign solutions

    Rely on expert creative strategy, audience selection, production and deployment, and attribution and performance measurement to ensure your campaigns deliver.

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    Proprietary data assets

    Know more about your customers and prospects spending and saving habits before you communicate so you can always build the right messaging for the right people.


Data-Driven Marketing Solutions

Use data to reach your ideal customers faster

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Consumer Data FAQ

What are the benefits of analyzing customer purchase data?

Consumer marketing data allows marketers to get the clearest picture of the consumers they're targeting: who they are, what they do, and how to contact them. The data is so versatile that it can be used to target based on demographics or predict what a consumer will be doing soon so you can reach out before they do that action.

What is ITA data?

ITA data stands for Invitation to Apply and represents non-credit data used to present an offer to apply for a product (a loan, insurance, etc). For businesses that don’t want to make a firm offer of credit, ITA data represents their best chance to find credit-worthy people for a lower cost. While you can’t use credit data, you CAN build models from this data to find people likely to need credit.

How can you get access to consumer marketing data?

There are many ways to get access to consumer data. The most obvious is primary or first-party data which is data you collect yourself. Every business owns important information about their customer’s buying habits, contact information, etc. This data should give you the highest confidence and will have the most relevance, but its usually the most limited. Third party data offers much more scale than any other type of data because its aggregated and enriched to be deeper and more impactful … at a cost.

How is consumer marketing data collected?

This kind of data is collected in many different ways, by many different companies. As an example, a consumer contact dataset includes email addresses and phone numbers for consumers. These are collected on an opt-in basis whenever a consumer registers with a website or app. While some data companies collect their data firsthand, others aggregate their data from a variety of sources to present marketers with a deeper dataset.