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Connect with your target audience with tri-bureau prescreen data


A highly effective marketing method, prescreening allows you to use existing credit data to help determine specific consumers you should target and what you should offer them. In 2019 alone, over 6.4 billion pieces of prescreen mail were sent to US consumers. 

We bring all three major credit bureaus into one platform, so you get access to the largest universe of credit-qualified customers in the market. This enables you to create higher-performing campaigns that drive the right traffic to your organization. 

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Use the best data available to match offers with your customers

Consumers no longer react to marketing messages they find irrelevant or mistimed. They expect to be contacted about products and services they want, at the moment they want them. Our data has been put through a rigorous standardization process to come up with the most accurate, actionable data to help you target prospects who are most likely to be profitable.

Increase Universe icon

Increase universe

Using data from all 3 credit bureaus, we’ll help you boost your universe by 20% over single bureau providers or 10% over two bureau providers.

Improve Conversions icon

Improve conversions

By marketing only to those who are credit-qualified, you improve campaign performance and optimize your marketing spend.

Eliminate Data Providers icon

Eliminate data providers

We can provide you with data to over 250 million potential customers, allowing you to eliminate single-service relationships. It’ll save you time and money!

Faster Speed to Market icon

Faster speed to market

Our SaaS data lake lets you market faster by providing the freshest, most accurate data, allowing you to pull mail files in just hours rather than days.


Prescreening by the numbers

3 Bureaus

Our prescreen data is supplied by the 3 major credit bureaus: Experian®, TransUnion® and Equifax®.

6.4 Million

Over 6.4 million pieces of prescreen mail were sent to consumers throughout the United States in 2019.

250 Million

Our tri-bureau prescreen data covers more than 250 million consumers in the United States.


The right partner makes all the difference

business person discovering advantages of Prescreening Services

With so many methods of prescreening available to you, it’s important that you team with the right partner who can get you the right data as well as the right analysis. When looking for that partner, ask these 3 questions:

  1. Do they have multi-bureau access?
  2. Do they practice good (data) hygiene?
  3. Are they willing to invest in your success? 

Learn more about what you should look for in a strategic partner.


Increase customer engagement with well-timed, relevant offers

Prescreening allows you to create higher performing campaigns that maximize your response and conversion rates. It’s a great way to ensure that marketing targets are creditworthy and conform to your specific criteria requirements which makes your messaging more targeted and valuable to consumers. Here’s how we help you do it:

Tri-Bureau Credit Data

Using data from all 3 major credit bureaus creates a lead list guaranteed to provide a significant lift from working with just one or two bureaus.

Provider Standardization & Orchestration

We’ll save you time by handling all the orchestration, the data standardization, and of course the multiple contracts, saving you money.

Consolidated Data Assets

With hundreds of attributes spanning the verticals of the mortgage, auto and personal loan industries, our prescreen credit data covers more than 250 million U.S. consumers.

Custom & Proprietary Models

While our off-the-shelf models are proven and in use by many clients, our data science team is available to build custom models to suit your individual needs.

Intelidata Express

Our proprietary, automated SaaS platform brings together all our data assets, standardized and cleaned to ensure you get the best possible data records.

Compliance Experts

Everything we do is built to comply with FCRA regulations. We’re experts at working with compliance teams to get you set up to use our data or to get mail pieces approved.

Unmatched Experience        

As the first provider to offer tri-bureau data, we’ve been perfecting prescreen marketing since 1997.

Full-Service Campaign Support

Whatever your needs, we’re here with the experts to help deliver exceptional omnichannel marketing campaigns.


Hear from our data-driven customers

The reputation and success of our product relies on accurate, reliable and best -in-class data. We found all of this with Deluxe. In searching for a partner, accessibility to all three bureaus in aggregate was a critical must-have. This, coupled with the easy-to-use interface and an incredibly responsive team, confirmed that we had found our partner.

  • John F., Auto Prescreen Customer

Data-driven marketing with Deluxe has provided measurable savings and efficiencies. We went from 4-5 hours a week or paying an external source, to only spending 1 hour a month managing our program – savings us both time and money while delivering the results our business demands

  • — Mark B., Mortgage Prescreen Customer

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Prescreen FAQs

What is prescreen data?

Prescreening is a process that involves using credit data to make specific offers to qualified consumers. It’s so popular that Mintel Comperemedia reports that over 70% of all consumer lending direct mail offers were prescreened using credit bureau data. The process takes place without the consumer’s knowledge and without any negative impact to their credit score.

A prescreen campaign allows you to pick and choose the criteria of the consumers you want to target so you can make a customized offer to them. While you can work with just one credit reporting agency (or credit bureau) companies like Deluxe offer a tri-bureau solution that maximizes your reach.

By using this kind of data you can increase response rates and conversion by targeting the right consumers and eliminating unqualified or high-risk prospects. Governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), lenders initiating prescreen campaigns for credit products must also adhere to certain rules:

  • You must make a firm offer of credit
  • Your inquiry is posted as a “soft” inquiry on their credit report
  • Consumers must have the option to opt out of preapproved and prescreen credit offer lists

How can I use prescreen data?

Prescreen data is used to help credit granting organizations reduce the overall cost of their solicitations by eliminating unqualified prospects, reducing high risk accounts, and targeting the best prospects more effectively before mailing. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) governs the use of credit data and only allows its use for permissible purposes.

Today, batch prescreen is ubiquitous in the financial industry. The most common method for distributing batch prescreen offers is direct mail which is still the highest performing channel for prescreen data.

Why is direct mail still so popular for prescreen marketing?

To remain compliant with the FCRA, lenders and insurance providers must know that the person they are contacting is the right person. While digital marketing has gotten much more sophisticated, its still not a viable tool for making a firm offer of credit. To make a firm offer of credit in a digital ad or social ad, the consumer would have to authenticate themselves using personal identifiable information or PII before the offer could be presented. For this reason, direct mail and email (when you have an accurate email address) are the generally acceptable channels for making a firm offer of credit.

What should I look for in a prescreen partner?

Prescreening is not binary, there are many ways to approach prescreen marketing and its vital to find a strategic partner that offers tri-bureau or tri-merge data combined with powerful analysis to help you reach the right people. Check out our blog on this topic to learn the questions you should be asking yourself as you select a prescreen vendor.

What are credit triggers?

Credit trigger marketing, like our popular In-the-Market Alerts (ITMA) solution, uses credit data to inform lending organizations when a customer or prospect has had their credit pulled for a particular product. By monitoring data from all three credit bureaus, we can identify and qualify your targets that are actively shopping for loans from competitors – so you can quickly get in front of them with options. Much like a prescreen campaign, our ITMA solution uses credit data and therefore must strictly adhere to the FCRA and must be accompanied by a firm offer of credit.